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UbiOps Community Models

Welcome to UbiOps Community Models

Our “Community Models” section shows a selection of data apps and analytics models currently running live on UbiOps. Developed by the open source community, ourselves and our network of analytics partners. You can try all applications yourself and see more details by clicking the links.

Monochrome to color

This model transforms a black and white image into a color image.

YOLOv4: object detection

A real-time object detection engine, that can simultaneously recognize multiple objects in an image.

Age estimation with AI

Estimates the age of a person based on an image of a face.

Counting objects in an image

This model counts detected objects in an image based on YOLOv4

Twitter topic sentiment analysis

Analyses the sentiment of a topic on Twitter based on the last 50 tweets with a certain #hashtag

Handwriting recognition

A CNN model that recognizes handwritten digits, trained on the MNIST data set.

Product description text shortener

This model is an automatic shortener for material descriptions and product titles. 

Forgot to make a Christmas card? Let’s make one with AI!

With a little help of OpenCV and UbiOps