Launch your AI products in no time

Train, deploy, and manage your AI and ML models rapidly, on any cloud or on-premise, with zero DevOps or IT overhead.

Save on significant cloud costs. Scale with use. Bring your own credits. Start today.

Improving time-to-market for startups with UbiOps​

“We work with UbiOps to deploy our AI models to a production environment in a scalable but cost-effective manner. UbiOps works like a charm and is a joy to work with for any data scientist.”

Jorris Molinga

Co-founder - DuckDuckGoose AI

Enabling AI-driven Solutions for Startups

Quicken your time to market with AI

  • Run in minutes rather than months on the infrastructure you want
  • Save months of search time looking for scarce Cloud/DevOps/MLOps engineers
  • Instant access to serverless inference for your AI, ML or data science code

Save up to 80% of cloud and engineering costs

  • Bring your own cloud credits from any cloud provider
  • Utilize most cost-effective (spot) cloud instances
  • Skip time-consuming DevOps development and maintenance work
  • GPU auto scaling functionality to and from zero
  • Optimize usage with highly efficient pipelines

Run and scale virtually anywhere

  • Run in any environment from a single interface
  • Autoscale to and within any cloud, region or on-premise environment

Adapt to your setup and way of working

  • Run directly from your own IDE
  • Integrate with MLFlow, W&B, TensorBoard,  and Git
  • Bring your own Azure, AWS, or GCP storage bucket
  • Use our extensive API library to integrate with your workflow and other tools

Run and manage AI at scale

UbiOps works with accelerators, VCs and incubators to bring you discounted credits and other benefits:

Bring your own credits

  • Zero setup. Train with higher velocity. Stretch your funding further with UbiOps
  • Bring your own free credits from AWS/Google/Azure
  • Only pay a small fixed fee for use of the platform

Pay-per-use for startups

  • Run out of free credits? Switch to our pay per use subscription
  • No vendor lock-in and optimized for the cheapest pricing
  • Only pay when using compute

Can’t find your accelerator/incubator? Contact us!

The Fastest Route to Production-grade ML / AI Workloads

On Demand Auto-scaling

We deliver best-in-class orchestration capabilities that offer fully customizable GPU and CPU compute on-premise and in the cloud, scaling to and from zero instances.

Minimal Time-to-market

Get started immediately from within your existing IDE or terminal, or manage countless AI models easily from our WebApp with built-in version control, simple rollback, monitoring, and logging for deployed models.

Hybrid and Multi-cloud / On-prem access from a single UI

Prevent vendor lock-in by optimizing cost-effective utilization across multiple cloud providers. Combine cloud capabilities with your own infrastructure, all from the same control plane. You decide where data resides and compute happens. 

Secure and Compliant by Design

Our platform is ISO27001 certified and provides robust security features such as end-to-end encryption, secure data storage, and access controls, which can help businesses comply with data privacy regulations such as GDPR.

Next Level ML Pipelines

More than a DAG. Create production workflows with our unique pipeline service. Add operators for ultra-fast parallel processing, conditional logic, data transformations and alerts.

Save on significant cloud costs. Scale with use. Bring your own credits. Start today.