Run and Manage Your AI in Agritech

Reshaping AgriTech and HortiTech as we know it, with the help of ML & AI

Save on significant cloud costs. Scale with use. On-prem, hybrid, and multi-cloud. Start today.

“The on demand offering of UbiOps ensures that there’s GPU availability, with the option to scale very rapidly. Also, with UbiOps’ scale-to-zero functionality we don’t need to pay for GPU resources if the application is not being used, e.g., off-season.”

Dr. Alexander Roth

Head of Engineering - Digital Crop Protection at Bayer

Improving harvest quality with UbiOps at Bayer

On-demand serverless GPU inferencing for computer vision workloads with Bayer Crop Science

Enabling AI-driven Solutions for Agriculture

Scale computing based on seasonal demand

We deliver best-in-class orchestration capabilities that offer fully serverless inferencing using GPU and CPU compute on-premise and in the cloud. These instances scale to and from zero instances based on user-requests, resulting in significant cost savings to run and manage AI models.

Save on DevOps and IT infrastructure management costs

Building your MLOps tech stack is costly and time consuming. UbiOps provides the underlying infrastructure that integrates quickly with existing tooling and enables teams to deploy models in production without any DevOps knowledge and with minimal engineering.

Multi-cloud/on-premise access from a single-user interface

Prevent vendor lock-in and use any cloud provider you choose. You can even use your local infrastructure from the same control plane.

Easily build  ML workflows based on customer needs

Create production workflows with our unique data pipeline service. Add operators for ultra-fast parallel processing, conditional logic, data transformations and alerts to build workflows that suit different greenhouses or farms.

Run and manage AI at scale

The fastest route to production-grade ML / AI workloads


UbiOps ranks high on usability and simplicity, allowing teams and any new members to train and operationalize their ML models within hours, without any hassle.

Reliable serverless CPU/GPU based training and inferencing

UbiOps offers reliability with 99.99% uptime and consistent request handling. Our serverless approach with GPU support subtracts the need to configure a platform to run large workloads, so ML and data scientists can focus on developing algorithms and models.

Faster time-to-value for your AI solution

Our scalable platform enables teams to train and build models in a few clicks, considerably reducing time-to-market for your AI product and services and finding the market-fit.

Secure and Compliant by Design

Our platform is ISO27001 certified and provides robust security features such as end-to-end encryption, secure data storage, and access controls, which can help businesses comply with strict data privacy regulations such as GDPR.

Monitoring UbiOps

Save on significant cloud costs. Scale with use. On-prem, hybrid, and multi-cloud. Start today.