Run and Manage Your AI in Healthcare & Life Sciences

Speed up AI innovation where it's most needed. Manage and control your AI workflows, resources and teams from one interface on any infrastructure.

Save on significant cloud costs. Scale with use. On-prem, hybrid, and multi-cloud. Governance controls and monitoring.

Working with the Netherlands Cancer Institute, Ellogon.AI has developed a faster and more efficient method of determining whether a cancer patient may benefit from immunotherapy. The tool used for this, EIDOS, is based on big data and artificial intelligence (AI) and runs on the UbiOps solution.

Improving patient diagnoses with UbiOps at Ellogon.AI

Enabling AI-driven Solutions for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Dramatically reduce your cloud and engineering costs

Use large volumes of complex medical data in real-time with Generative AI, Large Language Models, and Computer Vision without having to worry about unmanageable IT and DevOps engineering or unexpectedly high cloud costs.

Deploy your AI and computer vision virtually anywhere

Choose your own combination of local and/or cloud computing resources that best suit your regulatory and processing needs without disrupting existing infrastructures.

Use automatically generated APIs to easily integrate with electronic health records, clinical databases, and other healthcare applications.

Standardized and seamless ML workflows

Optimize machine learning for medical analysis by creating seamless AI/ML pipelines without DevOps effort; customize GPU or CPU compute, manage API-based data flows, and manage version control at the deployment or pipeline level.

Guarantee security and data privacy

Maintain control over your data with robust security measures, including data encryption, access controls, and audit trails, to safeguard sensitive healthcare information and meet regulatory standards with an ISO27001 certified and GDPR compliant service.

Run and manage AI at scale

The Fastest Route to Production-grade ML / AI Workloads

On Demand Auto-scaling

We deliver best-in-class orchestration capabilities that offer fully serverless inferencing using GPU and CPU, scaling to and from zero instances, saving a lot of cost to run and manage these models.

Faster time-to-value for your AI solution

Our easy-to-use and scalable solution enables teams to train and build models in a few clicks without worrying about underlying infrastructure or DevOps, considerably reducing time-to-market for your AI product and services.

Multi-cloud/On-prem access from a single UI

Prevent vendor lock-in by using any cost-effective cloud providers. Use your local infrastructure from the same control plane. You decide where data resides and compute happens. 


UbiOps is rated highly for its usability and simplicity, allowing teams to train and operationalize their ML models within hours, without any hassle.

Save on significant cloud costs. Scale with use. On-prem, hybrid, and multi-cloud. Governance controls and monitoring.