Easily deploy, run & manage your data science models and pipelines.

With UbiOps you can turn your Python & R models into powerful applications.

UbiOps automatically containerizes your code and creates a service with its own API and takes care of handling requests, automatic scaling, monitoring and security.

Why UbiOps?

Turn your AI models into live, scalable services. No need for setting up and managing complex infrastructure and tooling.

Run any Python or R data processing task as a scalable service. From advanced AI/ML models to automation scripts.

Be sure your app works 24/7. Automatic scaling, request handling and uptime are managed by UbiOps.

Run on CPUs or GPUs. Customize your runtimes to let your code run at maximum efficiency.

Build your MLOps workflow. Be in full control of your code and requests. Monitor and get alerts in time.

Don’t worry about the IT engineering and DevOps part. Python or R experience is enough.

Connect with any database, (web)app, dashboard or repo easily. Use our ready-to-use templates and tutorials.

Deploy, run and manage your data science models at scale with UbiOps.

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Deploy your AI & data science code

Deploy in no-time with our easy-to-use browser interface, Python / R client or CLI.

  • Run virtually any Python or R code. From advanced AI/ML models to automation scripts and reporting services.
  • Don’t worry about VM configuration, API management, uptime, scaling, monitoring and security. Python or R experience is enough.
  • Run on CPUs and GPUs. Include any external library, artifact, or other dependencies and packages in your runtime.
  • Manage all your models in one place with version management and revisions.
  • Import and export pre-made models and scripts with one click.


Connect your deployments into data pipelines

Combine multiple deployments in a pipeline and run it as a single service.

  • Make deployments for data transformation, model training, model inference, or pre/post-processing scripts and connect them in any way you need.
  • Pipelines have the option to bypass deployments and merge output from multiple deployments to one.
  • Import/export pipelines directly and share them with your colleagues or other users.
  • Deployments in a pipeline scale independently to boost the efficiency of your app.


Start processing data

Run your deployments and connect them with your applications.

Each deployment and pipeline in UbiOps gets its own API which you can use to call it from any (web)app, website, dashboard, notebook or other application. You can use the UbiOps web interface, API, Python / R Client or CLI for integration.

  • With UbiOps you can process any type of data: structured data, files, images, text, sensor data, and more. Not just a DataFrame.
  • Support for both synchronous, low-latency, requests and asynchronous batch jobs. You can also schedule runs for deployments and pipelines.
  • Keep track of runs and their status. Get e-mail alerts and notifications.
  • Get insight in everything that’s going on with extensive logging.
  • Get metrics on usage and performance.
  • Use deployments to connect to databases and storage systems with our library of connectors.

Automate your workflow

Integrate with other DevOps tools in your stack using our API, CLI or Python/R client.

Interact with UbiOps directly via the API, CLI or Python/R client.

Use our templates for Github Actions or Gitlab Pipelines to integrate with your CI/CD process.

Integrate with Streamlit, Snowflake, MLflow and other tools…

Peter VisserEnterprise Architect at Royal BAM Group

Building such an infrastructure ourselves in our own Cloud would cost us 2x more in terms of money and time.

Mark FolkersHead asset management at ASSET Rail

We can quickly conduct pilots, and if successful, deploy it in production. We use UbiOps for different types of scripts: data cleaning/reshaping, several regression models and one neural network.

Hervé HuismanFounder & CEO at Gradyent

Building such an infrastructure ourselves would cost us at least half a year, while we want to quickly bring value to our clients.

Enrique GutierrezData scientist at ASSET Rail

UbiOps allows ASSET rail to successfully score the health of railway switches in the Netherlands, on a daily basis, with minimum CAPEX and low overhead costs for developers, using UbiOps.

Hervé HuismanFounder & CEO at Gradyent

With UbiOps we can win highly competitive tenders because we can develop new functionalities and deploy applications within a matter of weeks.