Start deploying your data science code effortlessly.

UbiOps is a deployment, serving and management backend for your data science and data processing code. It is there to help you create production-grade data-driven applications with ease.

An introduction to UbiOps

You are in charge of your code. UbiOps takes care of the rest.

  • Leverage the power of Docker and Kubernetes without the hassle
  • Run your code as a scalable microservice with an API serving endpoint
  • Make use of external libraries, files, artifacts, or other dependencies in your code
  • Low latency synchronous requests & asynchronous batch requests.
  • Out-of-the-box automatic scaling
  • Intuitive model version management for deployment updates and rollbacks.
  • Logging & Monitoring
  • Available as SaaS or on-premises in your own environment
Connect your data & Construct data flows

Construct data flows with multiple processing steps. Connect to data sources and sinks.

Create applications by combining multiple deployments in a data flow. Connect your data transformations, predictions and pre/post-processing of data. Let UbiOps manage the heavy lifting.

Serve pipelines behind their own unique API endpoint.

Many data input & output options. Work with JSON, images, text files, plain text or many other data types.

Create applications with multiple processing steps using pipelines.

Connect with databases and storage systems to create managed end-to-end data flows.

Schedule workloads and pipelines with ease.

INTEgrate with your stack

A layer that fits right in with other tools and services in your stack.

  • Make use of our Client Library and CLI to integrate with UbiOps
  • Have all flexibility to use the Python libraries and frameworks you need
  • Templates and examples for connecting to common data sources and integrating with cloud services and other tooling
  • A layer between your data science code and IT infrastructure
risk-free operations

UbiOps helps you to remove the risk of setting up, securing and maintaining infrastructure.

  • Separation of concerns between data science code and infrastructure
  • Setting up & configuring production infrastructure yourself can be tricky. We did the work for you
  • Leverage the power of Kubernetes and Docker without the hassle of maintaining them
  • Fail-safe and self-healing deployments
  • Monitoring & Logging functionality to keep track of what is happening
Governance & Control

Keep the overview on your applications and workloads from a single interface.

Secret and credential management. No need for hardcoding passwords in your code.

Keep track of requests and their status.

View logs from your code and from the UbiOps infrastructure.

Extensive permission management.

SSO authentication.

Get metrics on usage and performance.

Run anywhere

Make use of our SaaS, or run UbiOps in your own cloud environment or on-premises.

You are in good company

Many teams are already deploying smarter with UbiOps

Collaborate. Eliminate risk. Save time.

UbiOps ensures a separation of concerns between all involved teams while empowering everyone to operate at full strength.

Focus on developing the best algorithms and models, not on setting up and maintaining your serving environment.

pipelines UbiOps

Eliminate the risk from deploying and maintaining data science applications. Have the right tools to keep control of the process and ensure secure operations.

UbiOps metrics

Get to market up to 20x faster. Eliminate the risk of running out of budget or losing time on figuring out and testing the complex landscape around data science infrastructure.

Ready to start using UbiOps?

Reach out to us – we would love to show you how UbiOps can help your team.

TONs of features

All the functionality you need to make your data science application a reality. From deployment to governance.

Model deployment and serving

Run your code behind an API endpoint. UbiOps takes care of dockerization, uptime, scaling and request handling.

Model registry with version control

The overview of all your deployments in one place. Easily Manage their versions keep track of their revisions.

Construct data pipelines

Connect multiple deployments together into larger applications behind a single API endpoint.

Data connector templates

Connect to databases, warehouses and other storage systems using our ready-to-go connector templates.

Monitoring & Logging

Insights from your code, application and infrastructure in one place.

User & permission management

Fine-grained user management and permission controls help you to structure and govern processes and collaborations


Protect your data and code with built-in state-of-the-art security and access control.

Client Library  & Command Line Interface

Integrate with your development environment and other applications using our CLI and client library.

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