Boost your AI models with GPU acceleration

Leverage the power of Graphical Processing Units on the UbiOps platform to speed up your machine learning workloads.

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On-demand GPU for running your AI and ML models

Deployment instances with a GPU can be created to make use of the massive parallel processing performance that GPUs provide.

Use cases that require deep learning models, such as computer vision, NLP and signal processing will benefit significantly from GPU based inference. 

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Speed up your workloads with GPUs on UbiOps

Pay only for what you use

Models only consume credits when they are active and free up resources if they are unused.

Gain up to 75x performance for your AI models

Inference speed of Deep Learning models can be boosted to 75x by using GPU acceleration.

Scale up and down rapidly

Quickly scale to and from zero based on the number of incoming model calls. Make your application ready for peak workloads while remaining cost-effective.

Deploy your code easily

With UbiOps you can deploy your data science code to production in no-time using our browser UI, CLI or Python/R clients.

Nvidia CUDA enabled runtimes

Make us of our pre-built runtimes to get started quickly. Easily install other packages and dependencies on top.

Enable GPU with the click of a button

To switch between CPU or GPU nodes you only need to check a box. It’s that easy.

What our users think

‘’The GPU functionality has accelerated our services enormously. Our computer vision models are now 5 times faster.’’

Ruben Stam, Data Scientist at Royal BAM Group

Pay only for what you use

GPU nodes have on-demand pricing so you only pay if your model is active. You don’t need to have GPU nodes running all the time, saving a lot of money on cloud costs.

  • Scale up and down rapidly and automatically on multi-GPU clusters, including scale-to-zero.
  • Make your application ready for peak workloads while remaining cost-efficient.

GPUs are available in UbiOps Premium and Enterprise packages.

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UbiOps is Nvidia Inception partner

We are working together with Nvidia to help our users make the most out of GPU acceleration for their AI models and workloads.

Run your models on our Nvidia CUDA-enabled runtimes and install your own dependencies on top.

Nvidia-Inception- program UbiOps

Why choose UbiOps?

Built for serving AI & ML solutions at scale

UbiOps lets you deploy, run and manage all your data science, AI & ML workloads from one place.

Run models on multi-node GPU and CPU clusters and scale to and from zero for efficient resource usage. Save costs and scale your application automatically.

Save countless hours on IT and cloud engineering

UbiOps removes the need for tying together and maintaining your own serving infrastructure. Saving countless hours of cloud engineering and IT work.

UbiOps can be used as SaaS tool, but we also support secure on-premise installations. We are ISO27001 certified.

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