Instantly scale AI and machine learning workloads on GPU on-demand

Scale up and down rapidly and automatically across multi-GPU clusters, and minimize GPU costs at the same time

On-demand rapid scaling of AI and ML workloads on GPU

Computer vision (CV) and natural language processing (NLP) applications can greatly benefit from the massive parallel processing performance that GPUs provide.

However, rapidly scaling of AI and machine learning workloads across GPUs in a cost-effective and reliable way is one of the biggest challenges of existing solutions. 

With UbiOps data analytics teams can instantly run and scale AI and machine learning workloads on-demand, and at the same time minimize GPU costs.

Instant scaling

UbiOps ensures that there’s on-demand GPU availability with the option to scale instantly.


UbiOps’ scale-to-zero functionality ensures that you don’t need to pay for GPU resources if your application is not processing data. Saving your team from under- and over-provisioning of GPUs.

No DevOps

With UbiOps there is no need for an upfront investment in DevOps and IT.

High throughput

UbiOps is designed for high throughput, real-time workloads and reliable processing with 99.99% uptime.

Speed up your workloads with GPUs on UbiOps

Enable GPU with the click of a button

To switch between CPU or GPU nodes you only need to check a box. It’s that easy.

Deploy your code easily

With UbiOps you can deploy your data science code to production in no-time using our browser UI, CLI or Python/R clients.

Nvidia CUDA enabled runtimes

Make us of our pre-built runtimes to get started quickly. Easily install other packages and dependencies on top.

What our users think

‘’The GPU functionality has accelerated our services enormously. Our computer vision models are now 5 times faster.’’

Pay only for what you use

GPU nodes have on-demand pricing so you only pay if your model is active. You don’t need to have GPU nodes running all the time, saving a lot of money on cloud costs.

  • Scale up and down rapidly and automatically on multi-GPU clusters, including scale-to-zero.
  • Make your application ready for peak workloads while remaining cost-efficient.

UbiOps is ISO27001 certified, and is used by large multinationals such as Bayer AG and Royal BAM Group, and European government organizations such as the National Cyber Security Centre that require the highest standards in terms of reliability and security.

UbiOps is Nvidia Premier Inception partner and joined NVIDIA AI Accelerated Program

We are working together with Nvidia to help our users make the most out of GPU acceleration for their AI models and workloads.

Run your models on our Nvidia CUDA-enabled runtimes and install your own dependencies on top.


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