Seamless integrations to empower your workflow

UbiOps supports teams to configure and build their own AI stack. It allows you to connect to any data science tools or data sources that can be accessed via APIs.


Connect to your preferred databases

Deployments can also be used to connect to external data sources. We provide template deployment packages written in Python for connecting to databases, cloud services and other software systems. These templates can be used without modifications, but can also be customized for more advances use cases. All connector templates are published on ouGithub.

Model training and experimentation

Example integration: use training insights from Weights & Biases, and the compute resources and deployment possibilities from UbiOps to create a live and scalable model. Make use of UbiOps for model training, hyperparameter tuning and running inference and connect with W&B for experiment tracking, model evaluation and comparison.

Model monitoring

Monitoring your AI models in production is a critical step to ensure the relevance and effectiveness of the models.  All code and system logs created in deployments are available via UbiOps’ logging feature. Furthermore, you can easily integrate with AI model monitoring tools. 

Cloud Service Providers (CSPs)

Tech Alliance Partners

Infrastructure & Virtualization

Data Storage

Files are organized inside buckets. UbiOps has a file system that allows you to either create storage buckets directly on UbiOps, or connect to your own storage buckets on Google, AWS, Azure or any other provider that offers S3-compatible object storage.

You can have multiple buckets per project and there always is default bucket in your UbiOps project.

Vector Databases

Low code platforms

UbiOps can be integrated with low-code platforms. This is a list of articles that show how that could be done: Integrations


Build and share stunning AI applications. Integrate easily!

GenAi Frameworks

Take any off-the-shelf model and turn it into your own GenAI service! Deploy with UbiOps and run your apps in no time. 

CI / CD - continuous integration and continuous delivery/deployment.

Configure CI/CD easily. Example? Using this tutorial you can set up a GitLab CI/CD or a GitHub Actions workflow that pushes your code to your UbiOps deployment every time you push a commit to the main branch of your repository.

Data science & AI libraries

NVIDIA AI Enterprise

Cloud services

Let's discuss your AI project! UbiOps allows you to connect to any data science tools or data sources that can be accessed via APIs!