UbiOps Terms and Conditions

Last modified: 16th of October 2023

On this page you find the Terms and Conditions currently applicable to our services. Depending on the services you actually use, a combination of the listed documents might apply.

See the older Terms and Conditions below for an overview of previous revisions, which might be applicable to you in case your Proposal, Quote or Agreement explicitly refers to one of these. In case no specific document version is mentioned the Current Terms and Conditions apply.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case you have questions.

Current Terms and Conditions

AgreementRelevant for
General Terms and ConditionsUsers of our services. Covers amongst other things the use of UbiOps SaaS, UbiOps On-Premise, training services, support services and consultancy services.
Acceptable & Fair Use PolicyUsers of our services. In particular UbiOps SaaS and UbiOps On-Premise.
Privacy PolicyUsers of our website, UbiOps SaaS, and other services.
Cookies DeclarationUsers of our website, UbiOps SaaS and other services.
Information Security PolicyUsers of our services.
Data Processing Agreement
(part of General Terms and Conditions)
Users of our services.

Older Terms and Conditions

Legacy AgreementApplicable dates
General Terms and Conditions – 25 October 2021before 16th of October 2023