Everyone should have a fair chance to bring their code live.

Why UbiOps is here.

We know how frustrating it can be to turn a model or script into a live service and keep it that way. At some point you’ll run into issues like VM configuration, managing code dependencies, version control, API management, security… Annoying things that pile up and eat up your time. 

This should not happen. That is why UbiOps is here. So everyone has the chance to bring his or her code live, without the need for advanced Cloud or DevOps skills. So you can focus on where you are needed: creating models and scripts for impact.

Our mission is to let every individual and organisation operate and share their data-driven intelligence.

Yannick MalthaCEO of UbiOps
Product documentation
data scientists and DevOps/IT engineers UbiOps

I’ve learnt an incredible amount since I started here. It’s a professional team and a great place to work at.

Our core values.


value good ideas and arguments over position or age


be inspiring and great fun to work at


encourage continuous personal development


be inclusive and diverse on gender, nationality and beliefs

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