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Improving crop yield with UbiOps at Bayer

On-demand serverless GPU inferencing for computer vision workloads with Bayer Crop Science.

“The on demand offering of UbiOps ensures that there’s GPU availability, with the option to scale very rapidly. Also, with UbiOps’ scale-to-zero functionality we don’t need to pay for GPU resources if the application is not being used, e.g., off-season.” 

Dr. Alexander Roth

Head of Engineering – Digital Crop Protection at Bayer

Accelerating medical breakthroughs with UbiOps at Ellogon.AI

Improving patient diagnoses in a fraction of the time with Ellogon.AI

“Without UbiOps, we would easily have spent six more months on the go-to-market strategy. And then we would still have had to find good full-stack developers if we had had to build everything ourselves.”

Robert Kuipers

CEO – Ellogon.AI

”Just as UbiOps works for the NCSC it can also be tailored to the needs of a great number of different organisation with very high security standards.”

Erwin Hazebroek

Head of Data & Analytics
National Cyber Security Centre NL

Facilitating civil infrastructure inspection with UbiOps at DroneView

Processing large volumes of unstructured data with DroneView

“UbiOps is a fantastic company and great to work with. We use their platform for our image recognition algorithms. It enables us to take advantage of the fast GPU processing power that we need to run our algorithms in an on-demand environment. We calculated that the time-to-market is eight times faster thanks to UbiOps.”

Rahul Westerhoff

Co-founder – DroneView

Pioneering AgriTech innovation with UbiOps at Ridder

Leveraging UbiOps pipelines to provide groundbreaking AI solutions for greenhouses with Ridder

 “The collaboration with UbiOps was an important step. I recreated the pipeline that I had running on my own laptop on the platform. That was very easy to do: upload the Python code, then the UbiOps platform builds a docker around it. If your Python code works locally, it works in UbiOps too.”

Wilmar van Ommeren

Product Innovator – Innovation Team Ridder

Cutting-edge agricultural image analysis with UbiOps at Pheno-Inspect

Seamlessly managing hundreds of models from a central control plane with Pheno-Inspect

“Our partnership with UbiOps enables us to adapt to fluctuating requirements and rapidly scale our services, ensuring we deliver optimal results and can focus on our core development of self-adapting computer vision models.”

Dr. Philipp Lottes

CEO – Pheno-Inspect

Enabling Computer Vision Applications Across Industries

Automate your Computer Vision workflows

Automate your computer vision workflows by funneling image and video data through customizable pipelines with drag-and-drop simplicity. Get the most out of GPU parallel processing by using pre-built operators to guide, transform, split, and reassemble data between each deployment.

Bring your own computer vision toolbox

Develop computer vision models in PyTorch or TensorFlow, optimize image processing with OpenCV, and seamlessly deploy it all through UbiOps without changing your workflow. Smoothly transition from model development to application deployment, no matter your CV workbench.

Scale your workloads effortlessly

Don’t let scalability concerns hold you back. UbiOps offers rapid, adaptive scaling for your computer vision models, ensuring low-latency responses even during traffic spikes.

Integrate with your CI pipelines

Integrate deployment to UbiOps seamlessly with CI tools like GitHub Actions and GitLab Pipelines, employ our versatile API library for automation, and enjoy robust version control, rollback options, and extensive monitoring and logging features for constant enhancements.

Run and manage AI at scale

The Fastest Route to Production-grade ML / AI Workloads

On Demand Auto-scaling

We deliver best-in-class orchestration capabilities that offer fully serverless inferencing using GPU and CPU, scaling to and from zero instances, saving a lot of costs to run and manage your models.

Faster time-to-value for your AI solution

Our easy-to-use and scalable solution enables data science teams to train and build models in a few clicks without worrying about underlying infrastructure or DevOps, considerably reducing time-to-market for your AI products and services.

Multi-cloud/On-prem access from a single UI

Prevent vendor lock-in by using any cost-effective cloud providers. Use your local infrastructure from the same control plane. You decide where data resides and compute happens. 


UbiOps is rated highly for its usability and simplicity, allowing teams to train and operationalize their ML models within hours, without any hassle. And with our pipeline GUI, you’ll be constructing advanced ML workflows in no time.

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