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This model is a neural network that estimates the age of a person based on an image with a person’s face in it. First, it will detect faces in an image and estimate the age accordingly.



The classification is based on a pre-trained neural network implemented with the Caffe deep learning library. The age estimation model was originally developed at the ETH Zurich and trained on a publicly available image data set from IMDB and Wikipedia, containing faces of celebrities and public figures, as well as their age.

For more details and information about this model you can visit: any .png of .jpg image with a face in it as an input. Then, click ”run code”We have also created a blog post about the practical use case example of the age estimation model, implementing it as an app using the low-code platform Mendix:

In this article, we will show you how you can do this with the example of an age estimation application. With this app, you can upload a picture of yourself, a friend, or some random person from the internet and the app will estimate their age based on the person’s face.This model is intended for demonstration and testing purposes only. UbiOps is not liable for any damages arising from the use or inability to use any of the models and applications listed on the UbiOps Community Model pages. Even though UbiOps and our partners carefully created and optimized these models, it is always advised to benchmark and check the respective functionality before applying it in any production setting.Created: 20-11-2021

Last modified: 30-11-2021

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This model estimates the age of a person based on the image of a face.