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Use any interesting topic (#hashtag) you want to get the sentiment analysis about.

This model uses the latest 50 tweets with a certain #hashtag and marks them as positive, neutral or negative (in the output).As input, the model takes any #hashtag topic and will output the number of positive, neutral and negative Tweets from the last 50 tweets with that particular hashtag in it.You can also run your own sentiment analysis on UbiOps. We have created a tutorial page on how to do this:

In this tutorial we will show you how to connect with the Twitter API to collect tweets with a certain hashtag and predict the sentiment of.

There is also a blog post on where we integrate this analysis into a Tableau dashboard: model is intended for demonstration and testing purposes only. UbiOps is not liable for any damages arising from the use or inability to use any of the models and applications listed on the UbiOps Community Model pages. Even though UbiOps and our partners carefully created and optimized these models, it is always advised to benchmark and check the respective functionality before applying it in any production setting.Created: 20-11-2021

Last modified: 30-11-2021

Publisher: UbiOps

This model analyses the sentiment of the given topic (tagged with #) on Twitter based on the last 50 tweets.