Community Models: Analyticshub – Colorize a black-and-white image

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Colorise a black-and-white image with the help of a pre-trained AI model. This deployment transforms black and white images into colour images based on knowledge gained from other pictures (on which the model is trained).

The input is limited to a .jpg, .jpeg or .png file. The deployment will always return a .jpg file.

Upload your favourite black and white image, either a .jpg, .jpeg or a .png file as the input. Then, click “run code”.

The deployment will return your picture, adding colour, as a .jpg file. To download the file,  click ‘download’ once the model is finished processing your request.

When the model is first started it may take a few more seconds than usual. Once your first model has been uploaded, try another picture straight after your first request to get an accurate measure of the request speed.This model is intended for demonstration and testing purposes only. UbiOps is not liable for any damages arising from the use or inability to use any of the models and applications listed on the UbiOps Community Model pages. Even though UbiOps and our partners carefully created and optimized these models, it is always advised to benchmark and check the respective functionality before applying it in any production setting.Created: 9-12-2021

Last modified: 10-12-2021

Publisher: Analyticshub

This model transforms a black and white image into a color image.