Aiden and UbiOps bring AI and low-code together

Many low-code applications exist that could significantly benefit from machine learning. However, only a fraction of those cases currently have ML models running in the background. Therefore they’re missing out on the advantages of using data analytics and machine learning to gain a competitive edge over their competitors. One of the reasons AI and Machine Learning is not always used in low code cases is because of the complexity involved. The models themselves can be complex, integrating and running it with the solution is complex and very costly. 


Data analytics or machine learning offers more and more organizations the chance to gain a competitive edge over their competitors. Examples range from “simple” predictions of future sales, to more advanced neural networks that can keep track of objects in a warehouse. While many organizations manage to hire a data scientist to develop a model for the challenge at hand, applying that model in practice is a different and difficult task. Let alone building an end to end “ML-powered” application. For example, 9 out of 10 models don’t make it to production, which results in an enormous loss of value and time.

This is often caused by the underestimated difference between the skills needed to build analytical models, and the need to build a serving environment for those models.However we at Aiden & UbiOps have joined together to solve that. Aiden has developed a plugin with which you can connect your low-code application with UbiOps, and easily power your app with analytics scripts running in UbiOps. UbiOps takes care of this ML engineering part, it allows you to easily turn your models, functions and scripts into live services, without the need for IT knowledge. More specifically, UbiOps allows you to provision CPU and GPU instances on-demand, meaning that you only pay for the runtime. Customers see cost savings up to 90% and increased response times by 75x.

Aiden provides fast application development through Low-Code by Mendix. With Aiden and Mendix, organizations are capable of developing applications up 5 to 10 times faster than traditional code development and it allows business and IT to work closely together in the development process to solve business challenges.

Why this plug in?

The common denominator between UbiOps and low-code is that both eliminate the need for extensive IT knowledge, and allow you to speed up the time to market of your applications significantly. With this native plug-in, low-code applications can now easily be integrated with UbiOps. Previously you’d had to build a custom script or integration for every application you would like to run analytics code behind. Now, it’s a matter of selecting the plug-in from the Mendix marketplace, providing a few details and you’re ready to go. 

 On the one hand you can use the UbiOps plug-in to improve existing Mendix low-code applications with smart analytics. For example, document processing apps that previously required manual revisions can be replaced with an NLP (natural language processing) model to automate the analyses and save costs. Moreover, using CPUs for such analyses is inadequate, due to the size of the images that must be analyzed. The recent on-demand GPU offering of UbiOps allows for cheap, pay-as-you-go use of GPU, without the need to provision GPUs and maintain clusters yourself.  

On the other hand, one can build new, AI powered, applications from scratch using low-code technology by Mendix and scalable hosting done with UbiOps. For example, to shorten product descriptions to fit within the max character length in SAP S4/HANA, automatically instead of manually. Using this plug-in to combine low-code with UbiOps reduces cost, allows for easy PoCs and significantly speeds up the time to market if the PoC is a success.

Test a mendix app powered by AI yourself here!

See for an example.
Account: demo_user
Password: IloveML2022!

How to get started?

Are you a data scientist or low-code developer yourself?
Don’t hesitate to get started and:
1) Create a UbiOps account here
2) Create a Mendix account here
3) Find the plug-in and technical documentation here
4) Find the UbiOps documentation here

About UbiOps

UbiOps mission is to let every individual and organization operate and share their data-driven intelligence. UbiOps is a platform for deployment, management and serving of data science and ML/AI algorithms, which you can easily connect behind low-code applications. With UbiOps you can easily turn your Python & R models, functions and scripts into scalable live services without costly IT & software development. UbiOps makes fast real-world adoption of ML & AI possible for organizations, resulting in a higher ROI for data science projects. UbiOps is ISO 27001 certified (information security). Visit us at or follow UbiOps on LinkedIn.

About Aiden

As one of the largest full-service one stop shop SAP-provider of the Benelux, Aiden focusses on delivering a broad range of SAP products such as SAP Business One, SAP Business ByDesign, SAP S/4HANA and Mendix (SAP RAD). Aiden is active in several industries such as wholesale, retail, manufacturing industry, consumer products and professional services in both midmarket as well as international enterprise organizations. Besides our extensive knowledge and experience in the field of Low-Code (Mendix) and SAP, we focus on the operationalization and adoption of innovative technology like ML, AI and IoT to ensure a future proof IT landscape for our clients and partners. Aiden has over 300 specialists, in 9 offices in the Netherlands. Together with our clients, partners and colleagues we Make Technology Human.


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