Run your data science code live in the cloud so you can use it from anywhere at any time.

With UbiOps you can do exactly that, in a matter of minutes. Serve simple data processing functions as well as complex machine learning deployments. With support for both Python and R.

How does it work?

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With the Free plan, you get unrestricted access to UbiOps and all its functionality. Want to add more users? Need more compute credits? Or extended support? Contact us to upgrade your subscription.


Hosted by us. For free. For ever.

€0,- per month

1 user, 1 project, 5 deployment versions

100 GBh compute per month

More than enough to run your first models

Core functionality

Best effort support



Hosted by us. For individuals or teams. Pay for the users and compute you need.

€49,- per user per month

Unlimited projects and deployment versions

1000 GBh compute per month

Extra compute for €0,05 per GBh per month

Core functionality, including team features

Best effort support. Extended service levels available upon request


Tailored to your wishes. Hosted by us (SaaS) or on your clusters (OnPremise).

Pricing upon request

Pricing depends upon the installation type, number of users, projects, deployment versions and compute. As well as on the training and service levels required.

UbiOps OnPremise can be installed on GCP, AWS and Azure. As well as other infrastructure supporting Kubernetes.

UbiOps offers you all the functionality for a perfect serving environment.

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Deploy your code

Deploy your code with our browser-based UI, with the UbiOps CLI or Client Library, or with our API directly

SaaS, Managed & On-Premise

Use our secure SaaS to get started right away with your project. Upgrade later if you need. 

Multiple deployments in a pipeline

Create deployments for data transformation, prediction, or pre/post-processing and connect them in any way you need.

Support & Services

We are here to help with personal advice and support. Use docs, Github, cookbooks and more! 

We grow with the right Partners

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Let our experts guide you through UbiOps and answer all questions you may have.

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