With UbiOps you can easily turn your models, functions and scripts into live services. Without having to worry about the engineering part.

Step 1.

Deploy your Python or R code

Do you have experience with Python or R, but you don’t know how to bring your code easily into a live service? Do you need to do any form of data processing repeatedly? Do you want to automate the boring or run an advanced algorithm? With UbiOps you can easily turn your Python & R models, functions and scripts into scalable live services.

What can you deploy on UbiOps? Virtually any Python or R code. UbiOps can run your AI/ML models, automation scripts, data processing scripts, statistical models, web scrapers, simulation models or reporting and email scripts.

Step 2.

Start processing data

The type of data you can process in UbiOps is almost limitless. With UbiOps you can process structured data, files, images, text, sensor data, and more.  Make direct requests, batch requests, long-running requests or process data real-time. You can use our web interface, API, Python / R Client and request scheduling tools.

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Step 3.

Connect it to your application

After you deployed your code on UbiOps you can start connecting your live service with any database, (web)app, website, dashboard, notebook or git repo you like.

It’s easy to do and we have many templates to set up your connections. You can use the web interface, API, Python / R Client or CLI to connect your functions and models.

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Kick start your project!

Find an overview of example scripts and code that you can use for your own project.


speed and time gain


burden on engineering


control of your requests and code

Why Python and R developers love UbiOps

“What I most appreciate are the fast response times and user-friendly UI. Have a new database, schema or storage platform? Just add a connector to the pipelines.”

Enrique GutierrezData scientist at ASSET Rail

“Examples provided are easy to follow and very practical. With documentation, it is possible to use UbiOps without getting any information up front.

Stephanie LuikData Engineer at BAM

“By collaborating with UbiOps we can efficiently serve our machine learning models on their platform. Their platform allows us to reach a larger audience in a very efficient way.”

Joris MollingaCo-founder at DuckDuckGoose

“I’m a big fan of UbiOps because you can deploy, maintain and monitor your Python application in production in a simple and intuitive way, but without the need for DevOps skills.”

Demetrios BrinkmannFounder at MLOps.commmunity
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