Create production-grade data-driven applications. Without sleepless nights.

UbiOps offers you a feature-rich deployment and serving layer for your data science code, models and scripts.

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Leverage the power of Docker and Kubernetes,

without the hassle.


Do you know your team can save weeks on deploying a data science application?

​It can be a hassle to set up the right infrastructure, manage servers, deploy code manually and maintain it. Especially with the huge amount of different tools available for filling in parts of this puzzle.

For many teams, this is a long journey with a steep learning curve. With the risk of running out of budget and time.

Risk free

How do I control the deployment process and make it fail-safe?

Data science applications can be complex, and their quality depends on both code and data. There are multiple intermediate steps to take before getting your application into production.

You want to make use of the trusted software deployment processes you know. You want to monitor and stay in control. And you want a serving infrastructure that is robust, transparent and fail-safe.

easy integrations

How do I integrate my data science application with other parts of my infrastructure?

Data science applications need to become part of a larger structure. They need to connect to data sources, dashboards, monitoring tools and other parts of your stack. Integrating with various tools and frameworks can become complex. How do you stay in charge of your architecture?

scale up

How do I run my data science code, and scale it up?

​Data science involves exploration, experimentation and execution. But once developed, you want to run your code. How it will perform on real data? Is it made to scale?

Technologies like Docker and Kubernetes make it easy for you to do so, but they can be difficult to tailor to your needs. You don’t want to lose valuable time you could have spent on your next project.

Stay secured

How to secure my data and IP?

Data and source code security is of essence to every organization that invests in data-driven applications. How do you make sure with a growing number of data-applications that your data and IP will be safe?

All that and more

UbiOps offers you all the functionality for a​ perfect serving environment.

Model deployment & serving

Bring your code live and let it process data. You are in charge of your code and dependencies.

Integrate with your stack

UbiOps is a layer that fits right in with other tools and services in your stack.

Connect data & construct data flows

Applications often consist of multiple data processing steps. Easily construct data flows and connect to data sources and sinks for input and output.

Governance & Security

The right tools to keep track of what’s happening. Use the latest security features and permission management tools.

Why use UbiOps?

UbiOps helps you to deploy, monitor and maintain your data science code in production.

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