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UbiOps is a fully-managed deployment and serving platform for ML & AI algorithms and data processing code. Easily create live, scalable prediction engines you can use from anywhere.

UbiOps enables you to go quickly and easy from code to live application.

UbiOps enables you to go quickly and easy from code to live application.

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Advanced analytics for Sustainable Buildings

BAM Building Analytics team knows that setting up a data science serving and operations backend is time-consuming. Rather than spending hours per week on managing Docker instances, cloud infrastructure and Kubernetes, they prefer to spend their time on experimenting and developing models.

With UbiOps, they can deploy immediately.

UbiOps enables us to develop, deploy and operate any type of data science code, without having to worry about the IT infrastructure. Even when we continue growing in size and amount of data science applications

Pieter van der MijleData Scientist at BAM Energy Systems

Online DeepFake detection

DeepDetector software helps professionals in supporting the decision process by providing statistics and in-depth analysis of the footage.

We are very happy to enable DuckDuckGoose and their customers to fight the potential negative effects of AI. While AI can do much good, there is a negative side too. While we are working on solutions to enable responsible AI, such as explainability methods and ML auditing, a client like DuckDuckGoose is perfectly in line with our goals and ambitions.

By collaborating with UbiOps we can efficiently serve our machine learning models on their platform. UbiOps works like a charm and is a joy to work with for any data scientist.

Joris MollingaCo-founder at DuckDuckGoose
DeepFake detection UbiOps DDG

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“What I most appreciate are the fast response times and user-friendly UI. Have a new database, schema or storage platform? Just add a connector to the pipelines.”

Enrique GutierrezData scientist at ASSET Rail

“Examples provided are easy to follow and very practical. With documentation, it is possible to use UbiOps without getting any information up front.”

Stephanie LuikData Engineer at BAM

“By collaborating with UbiOps we can efficiently serve our machine learning models on their platform. UbiOps allows us to reach a larger audience in a very efficient way.”

Joris MollingaCo-founder at DuckDuckGoose

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