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UbiOps is developed for teams that are looking for an easy, cost-efficient, and scalable way to run and manage AI workloads as live services in the cloud. 

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From code to scalable services

From training to inferencing jobs, UbiOps helps AI/ML researchers and data scientists to very quickly turn their data science workloads into robust and secure microservices.

This without requiring knowledge to set up Cloud infrastructure and DevOps practices.

video processing jobs

UbiOps helps Royal BAM to run computer vision models that can process massive amounts of image and LiDAR data.

computer vision

UbiOps helps Bayer Crop Science to scale with computer vision workloads on-demand on image and video data across GPUs rapidly and easily.

Large scale
time-series analysis

UbiOps helps Gradyent to run real-time time series to operate real-time critical energy networks. Large-scale geographic, sensor and weather data are used to feed AI to get insights into the real-time performance of physical networks.

Pattern recognition
on large datasets

UbiOps helps NCSC to run business logic and machine learning on large datasets to detect digital threats sooner and more efficiently. UbiOps fits within the security framework that the NCSC wishes to comply with.

Manage and scale AI workloads on GPU infrastructure

On-demand orchestrating and scaling AI workloads on GPUs without running into availability issues, high costs, or complex DevOps is one of the biggest challenges of existing solutions.

On-demand GPU scaling

Optimise GPU costs

Adapt to your changing workloads on-demand.

Scale up and down across GPUs rapidly.

Easy to use

Run, manage and scale AI workloads on GPU/CPU infrastructure with an easy-to-use interface.

Without the need to rely on DevOps and IT knowledge.

Instant GPU access

Guarantee GPU access by running your workloads dynamically across clouds, regions or your local environment. 

What UbiOps can do for you

Designed for ML & AI professionals



Getting the right infrastructure to run, manage and scale AI workloads is daunting. UbiOps automates this for you, so you can focus on coding instead of maintaining infrastructure.


UbiOps is built to let any data scientist or team turn data science models into live, scalable applications. Easily create analytics services and pipelines you can use from anywhere.


Run any Python or R data processing task as a scalable service with its own API, or as part of a pipeline with multiple services. From advanced AI/ML models to automation scripts and reporting services.
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