New UbiOps features January 2022

By 27 January 2022February 9th, 2022Blog, Functionality, Technology, UbiOps

UbiOps version 2.14.0

On the 27th of January 2022, we have released new functionality and made improvements to the UbiOps SaaS product. Here is an overview of the new functionality and changes:

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✔️ Configure your own request page

We had recently released the simple request interface for your deployments, and it is now possible to configure how the interface looks using widgets. For each input field, you can select a widget to be shown in the interface, like a slider or a toggle.

You can configure your request page by going to deployments > your deployment > use deployment tab in the WebApp and clicking the *configure request page* button.

✔️ Use deployment tab

To help you with what to do after you have made a deployment, we have added a use deployment tab on the deployment page in the WebApp. Here you can find some code snippets fit for your deployment to make a request via code, amongst other handy bits of information.

✔️ Deployment package validation

When you make a deployment via the WebApp and you upload your code, the WebApp will now perform a quick validation to check if your deployment package is structured correctly. If something is wrong, the WebApp will indicate it to help you in debugging.

✔️ Project compute limits

To prevent one project from draining the entire compute budget of an organization, you can now set a compute limit on a project. See Project compute limits for details.

✔️ Request origins

When a request is made, you can now see what the origin of that request was. In other words, if the request was created by a request schedule or an API token, you will now be able to see that in the request details. This can help you in keeping track of where your requests originate from.

✔️ API token expiration date

You can now add an expiration date to your API token upon creation. By setting an expiration date you can avoid a token leak or token misuse.

✔️ Simplified permission system

We added the option to work with a simplified version of our permission system. The simplified permission system is fit for general use of UbiOps and is easier to grasp. However, if you need more granular permission control, you can turn on the advanced permission system in the project settings. You can find this option by clicking the edit icon on the projects page (Your organization > projects).

✔️ Rate limiting

HTTP requests to the UbiOps API are rate limited. We do this to prevent abuse of our platforms and avoid overloads caused by excessive usage or mistakes. In practice, this means that each individual IP address can make a limited number of requests to the UbiOps API every minute. Rate limits can be increased upon request.

✔️ Miscellaneous

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