UbiOps Joins NVIDIA AI Accelerated Program to Accelerate Deployment of AI & Machine Learning Models

The Hague, Netherlands. 01.03.2023.

UbiOps joined the NVIDIA AI Accelerated program! As part of the initiative, UbiOps will work closely with NVIDIA to optimize its platform for NVIDIA GPU-accelerated computing, enabling customers to quickly deploy and scale their machine learning models.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of the NVIDIA AI Accelerated program,” says UbiOps CEO and co-founder, Yannick Maltha.

“By working with NVIDIA, we can provide our customers with even faster and more powerful GPU-accelerated computing by leveraging NVIDIA’s AI platform, and thus enabling a range of industries to rapidly run and scale their advanced AI and machine learning applications.”

The NVIDIA AI Accelerated program gives chances “for software and solution partners to leverage the NVIDIA AI platform with its expansive libraries and SDKs to build innovative world class AI applications’’, enabling partners to create top-of-the-line AI applications that are innovative and effective.

Thanks to the program, UbiOps will have access to the latest NVIDIA GPU technology and tools, enabling us to optimize our MLOps platform for high-performance computing and machine learning workloads.

About UbiOps

UbiOps is an MLOps platform that enables data analytics teams to run, manage and scale AI and machine learning workloads on both GPUs. From training to inferencing jobs, UbiOps helps AI researchers and data specialists to very quickly turn their data science workloads into robust and secure microservices. This without requiring knowledge to set up Cloud infrastructure and DevOps practices. With UbiOps, companies can rapidly deploy and scale their machine learning models in the cloud or at the edge, enabling them to quickly deliver powerful insights and predictions to their customers.

For more information about UbiOps and its machine learning deployment platform, please visit our product page or technical documentation.

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