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We trained 100+ students from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

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MLOps is getting a more prominent place in education these days. Schools, universities and students often only really recognise the true value of their AI and ML models once they are taken into production.

Together with the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, we developed a MLOps training program for soon-to-be-data-experts. During this program, our team shows students how to host and serve their own scalable models, create pipelines and connect these to their preferred database, dashboard or WebApp.

During the training sessions,  our experts show what there is to know about UbiOps and its relevant concepts. Moreover, UbiOps trainings consist of the theory of “Machine Learning operations-MLOps” as well as hands-on exercises with deploying students’ own model(s).

Topics we cover during the training
  • Introduction to MLOps
  • UbiOps and it’s core concepts
  • Creating & using deployments
  • Working with pipelines
  • Using the Client Libraries and CLI
  • And more…

“Only when AI algorithms are taken into production, do they create value and allow for people to work with them. That is why I like UbiOps and train my students to work with it. UbiOps enables you to turn algorithms and models, into live and scalable applications in the cloud easily.”

Jurjen HelmusCoordinator minor Data Science, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA)

You can find UbiOps in the SURFmarket

You can find UbiOps in the SURFmarket, SURFmarket is the SURF ICT purchasing organisation for higher education and research in the Netherlands. Allowing for education and research institutes to efficiently purchase software products and UbiOps is part of the offering!

Dutch schools, universities and research institutes interested in using UbiOps for their education programs or research projects can go directly to the SURFmarket for more information.

Not from the Netherlands? No worries, contact us directly for more information on using UbiOps in your education or research organisation.

See UbiOps in SURFmarket
AI Model Serving & Orchestration

User-friendly UI

Create your deployment on UbiOps using the UI. A quick way to understand how the platform works without seeing any code.

Python/R knowledge is all you need

UbiOps is developed for data scientists and teams who are looking for an easy and production-ready way to deploy and run their Python or R models as live services in the cloud.

Pre-build models to import

We have three tutorial categories: Python tutorialsR tutorials and ready deployments. Tutorials contain full walkthroughs that can be run in Jupyter notebook or Rstudio. Ready deployments contain ready-to-go deployment packages.

API endpoints

Each deployment or pipeline has its own API endpoint to send data to the service. Also, UbiOps has an extensive platform API through which all of its functionality is available.

Easy maintenance on your models

UbiOps provides four ways in which you can check your activities.  Audit Events, Logging, Monitoring and Notifications.

Be sure your app works 24/7.

UbiOps can run your AI/ML models, automation scripts, data processing scripts, statistical models, web scrapers, simulation models or reporting and email scripts.

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