TurinTech AI partners with UbiOps to optimise machine learning code for inference and serving

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TurinTech AI, the leader in AI-powered code optimisation for machine learning and data-heavy applications, has today announced its partnership with UbiOps, the ModelOps platform that enables data analytics teams to deploy, serve and scale AI and machine learning workloads, to power the next generation of AI applications.

TurinTech AI’s evoML platform allows you to automatically generate and optimises ML code, enhancing speed and memory usage to align with the user’s hardware configurations. On the other hand, UbiOps has created a platform with AI dedicated infrastructure to run ML models at scale and securely, on-premise, in the cloud or a hybrid of both.

Together, TurinTech AI and UbiOps provide the infrastructure to generate and deploy these optimised machine learning models from a single control plane. In addition to being a cost-efficient approach, it also ensures that there are no security or privacy compromises.

“Performance and cost optimisation for AI systems are top of mind for many businesses,” commented Victor Pereboom, CTO at UbiOps. “We’re excited to announce the partnership of TurinTech’s technology for improving ML code performance and the UbiOps platform for model inference to help teams ensure their AI solutions run at maximum performance and efficiency.”

As part of the partnership, UbiOps is a deployment option on TurinTech’s evoML platform.

Dr. Leslie Kanthan, CEO and co-founder at TurinTech, added: “We created TurinTech AI to combat the time-consuming, resource-intensive, and expertise-reliant manual processes of machine learning development and optimisation. Our evoML platform benefits thousands of data scientists and  developers worldwide, and together with UbiOps, users can continue to benefit from time and cost savings. We look forward to continuing this journey with the UbiOps team.”

To learn more about TurinTech AI  and its evoML platform, visit their website here.

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