GreenAI & UbiOps partnership

Addressing AI challenges with a sustainable EU-based MLOps infrastructure solution

Green AI Cloud (a Swedish-based Super Compute Cloud for AI – Europe’s fastest and greenest cloud service for AI computing) is expanding its commercial offering, powered by UbiOps!

UbiOps is a ModelOps platform that enables data analytics teams to run, manage and scale AI and machine learning workloads on GPUs. From training to inferencing jobs, UbiOps helps AI researchers and data specialists to very quickly turn their data science workloads into robust and secure microservices. This without requiring knowledge to set up Cloud infrastructure and DevOps practices.

Green AI Cloud offers with UbiOps a GPU-MLOps platform for AI, data science and simulation workloads.

  • Easy-to-use platform for AI training and inferencing, no DevOps/IT needed
  • Run on 100% renewable energy (hydro and wind) – even CO2 negative!
  • 100% compliant with EU legal requirements on GDPR (Schrems II)
  • Guaranteed GPU availability
  • Competitive on-demand and pay-per-use pricing
  • Instant scalability on multi-GPU clusters, with scale-to-zero functionality
  • Designed for high throughput batch or real-time workloads with 99.99% uptime
  • Used by multinational companies, deep tech scale-ups and European government

Are you ready for UbiOps on Green AI Cloud?

Check out the FREE TIER to explore all this functionality for your workloads. Create your free account and run your first 100% fossil-free, 100% EU-compliant workload today.

Create your free UbiOps+Green AI account here.
Check out the documentation and tutorials here.


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