Revolutionizing AI model serving: unlocking the power of global cloud-based GPU computing. GMI Cloud <> UbiOps partnership.

<18_03_2024> <Amsterdam> UbiOps, a leading AI and machine learning deployment and serving platform, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with US- based GMI Cloud, a global leader in AI cloud infrastructure and innovation, providing powerful, accessible, and reliable GPU cloud-compute solutions. 

With this partnership, UbiOps emphasizes its dedication to delivering state-of-the-art AI deployment and serving solutions that empower a diverse range of experts in the rapidly evolving technology landscape of generative AI. 

Providing end-to-end LLM Solutions with GMI Cloud

‘’At GMI Cloud, our path towards creating a complete solution for AI-driven development continues to be fueled by partnerships with companies like #UbiOps which provide innovative solutions for deploying and scaling #AI systems. We are confident in the UbiOps team and that the collaboration between our companies will have a positive impact in increasing global accessibility to top-tier GPU compute.’’

This unique synergy between GMI Cloud and UbiOps lets clients unlock the full potential of their AI initiatives, delivering enhanced performance, scalability, and flexibility to meet their business goals. 

  1. Whitelabel offering 
  • The unique whitelabeling  we’ve prepared involves customizing the UbiOps’  interface and branding to match the style guides and requirements of GMI Cloud. Integrating UbiOps with the GMI Cloud offering enhances their brand consistency, user experience as well as presents a seamless interface for more integrated product offering.

  1. Flexibility and scalability 
  • By leveraging GMI Cloud’s scalable infrastructure alongside UbiOps’ flexible deployment platform, clients can efficiently scale their AI applications according to their project needs. Whether handling sudden spikes in demand or expanding operations globally, our customers will get all necessary resources.  Full range of GPU offerings — available as Bare Metal as well as strategic partnerships with other top industry leaders makes our joint offering even more powerful. 
  1. End-to-end solution 
  • GMI Cloud is bridging the market by offering access to top-tier GPU cloud compute as well as a streamlined software stack for deployment. ‘’This vertical integration allows us to offer a wider range of services and increased value to clients compared to our competitors.’’

‘’By simplifying and aggregating aspects of the process, GMI Cloud’s end-to-end solution for AI breaks down barriers to entry for companies across various industries seeking to integrate AI into their operations.’’

‘’Ready for the future of GenAI! A true evolution in AI model serving’’

“Partnering with GMI Cloud will truly boost our AI deployment proposition. The integration of global cloud-based GPU computing will unlock an unquestionable potential, enabling us to innovate in the fast-paced world of generative AI.” Bart Schneider, CCO at UbiOps

About GMI Cloud

GMI Cloud is a US-based venture-backed digital infrastructure company.

As an authorized NVIDIA Cloud Service Provider with 35+ years of industry experience and supply chain advantage in the APAC region, their mission is to radically increase global accessibility to cloud computing by combining access to top-tier GPUs with a streamlined software stack for deploying and scaling AI, machine learning, and data analytic workloads.

”With global datacenter locations and key partnerships in the GPU supply chain, we are able to offer access to premier GPU models with 2x shorter lead-times compared to our competitors. GPUs such as the NVIDIA H100 are immediately available to order on our platform.”

Contact GMI Cloud to learn more:


Email: [email protected]

About UbiOps

UbiOps is a powerful AI infrastructure platform designed to help teams deploy and serve the next generation of AI products without the usual engineering complexity. With UbiOps, data scientists can deploy all of their machine learning models as scalable inference APIs, including large, off–the–shelf AI models like LLMs. 

Built with scalability, security, and robustness in mind, UbiOps serves as a foundation for many AI applications across different industries.

From LLM agents in cyber security to revolutionary computer vision systems in healthcare and IoT applications in the energy sector. The unique UbiOps hybrid- and multi-cloud orchestration engine helps you deploy, serve, and manage your AI workloads across multiple clouds and on-premise environments.

Learn more about UbiOps, [email protected] 

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