Webinar: AI Forecasting of solar irradiance for better energy efficiency and usage: with UbiOps & HKV

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Thank you for joining us at our recent ‘AI Forecasting of solar irradiance for better energy efficiency and usage: with UbiOps & HKV’ online event!

On May 30, 2024, UbiOps hosted a compelling webinar titled “AI Forecasting of Solar Irradiance for Better Energy Efficiency and Usage.” This online event brought together experts from HKV and UbiOps to discuss the deployment of artificial intelligence to optimize solar energy management. The discussion focused on how AI can improve both energy efficiency and usage by accurately forecasting solar irradiance.


Key Discussion Points


Real-time Implementation

Participants learned about the practical challenges and strategies associated with the deployment of AI forecasting models in energy systems. The webinar emphasized not just the enhancement of energy efficiency but also the reduction in time to market for these technologies.


Challenges and Opportunities

The webinar provided insights into the initial challenges HKV faced before integrating UbiOps solutions. These included issues related to the scalability of AI models and their adaptation to real-world fluctuations in solar energy.



The journey of HKV‘s implementation of UbiOps was laid out, detailing the timeline, necessary software investments, and notable features of the UbiOps platform that have proved beneficial. The session was instrumental in offering recommendations for others considering similar AI implementations.


Meet the Speakers


Thomas Stolp

Thomas is a seasoned professional at HKV and Pythia, specializing in leveraging AI to tackle water and energy challenges. His work involves advanced algorithms for dike monitoring and weather forecasting, utilizing satellite data and drone imagery to provide actionable insights.


Joost Stenfert

Joost serves as the AI lead at HKV Lijn in Water. He is known for his innovative approach to integrating existing technologies to develop new solutions. His focus is on creating reliable, secure, and ethical AI algorithms that support weather forecasting and energy transitions, enhancing human-technology collaboration.


Gijs de Groot

As an Account Executive at UbiOps, Gijs brings a unique blend of AI knowledge and economic expertise to his role. He is crucial in assisting clients with the onboarding process and in developing effective AI strategies to maximize business value.


This webinar shed light on the critical role of AI in advancing solar energy efficiency and management. For those interested in implementing similar technologies or seeking to understand the AI-driven transformation in energy, the insights shared by Thomas, Joost, and Gijs provide valuable guidance and inspiration.

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