UbiOps new name for platform of Dutch Analytics

The Hague, 2020

Dutch Analytics introduces UbiOps (formerly: Xenia) as the new name of its platform. At the beginning of this year, Dutch Analytics introduced a new software platform that helps companies to make data-driven models operational, maintain them and integrate with existing systems after development. The mission of Dutch Analytics is to run data science models everywhere, regardless of the complexity of the algorithms or underlying IT infrastructure.

This is clearly reflected in the new name UbiOps: Ubi is short for ubiquitous, Ops is the abbreviation of “software operations”. Besides being a short and easily recognizable name, the new name UbiOps also contains a nice play on words: U bi Ops (“You be Ops”). Nothing is more true: UbiOps helps data scientists and engineers to bring their data science code and algorithms live without needing extensive knowledge of IT and cloud infrastructure.

New release and ambitious target

“From our past business, that’s where the name Dutch Analytics comes from, we have helped companies develop data science and AI models and embed them into larger applications,” says CEO Yannick Maltha. “The latter often turned out to be much more complex than initially thought. To get from an algorithm to an operational software application is a big step. Our mission is to solve this problem for all companies, large or small. That is why we have decided to fully focus on this challenge. We think it is very appropriate to give our platform a new name to reflect this.”

Dutch Analytics has an ambitious goal. With a team of 25 people, Dutch Analytics is working on the further expansion and development of the platform. “We specifically chose this moment because we have been working hard on the latest release (2.1) of our software in recent months. The platform is faster, more powerful and has been given a whole set of new functionalities,” says Maltha.

Dutch Analytics now serves customers at home and abroad with UbiOps, from energy and transport to consultancy. “We are convinced that every data scientist or engineer without Ops knowledge is able to quickly turn an algorithm into a reliable software application with our platform. That is the core of our mission: You be Ops! 

About Dutch Analytics

The start-up Dutch Analytics, founded in December 2016 by Yannick Maltha (CEO), Victor Pereboom (CTO) and Jorick Naber (COO), helps companies with the UbiOps software platform to operationalize and manage data science models and integrate them with existing systems after development. With the aim of accelerating the time-to-market of data-driven applications and saving significant IT costs for companies.

Dutch Analytics knows from experience how difficult it is to create operational software applications from data-driven models. It is estimated that more than 80% of all developed data science models are never put into use, which leads to companies not getting the promised value out of their data science and AI efforts.

More information about the UbiOps platform can be found on the renewed website www.ubiops.com.

For more information about this press release, please contact the Dutch Analytics team via [email protected].

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