UbiOps joins the Institute for Financial Crime

Financial integrity and safety are important and essential in today’s society. However, the prevention of financial fraud is becoming more difficult, for reasons such as the increase in data and digitalisation. UbiOps was accepted to join the Institute For Financial Crime, to contribute to the detection of fraud. Our mission is to enable everyone to succeed with data-driven intelligence, in a responsible, ethical and transparent way. This partnership helps us to reach that goal. The first result of this collaboration will be announced in the coming months.


“We are pleased to welcome UbiOps as an IFFC partner enabling them to contribute to our mission and vision of creating a more resilient society. The prevention of and search for Financial Economical Crime has become increasingly complex, mainly due to the increase of data and digitalization. UbiOps will be able to contribute in creating new and innovative solutions in the fight against Financial Economic Crime. “

   Ton van Tulder, Director IFFC.

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