UbiOps at the EU Cloud

Run your AI & ML models securely in the EU region

Run your AI & ML models securely in the EU region

UbiOps helps data science teams to deploy, run and manage their AI & ML models at scale.

Secure, certified and GDPR compliant.UbiOps can be used as SaaS service or installed in on-premise environments.

We partner with different cloud providers to offer a landing spot for data science models that meets your standards for information security.

UbiOps Cloud

Our secure multi-tenant SaaS service. You can start right away for free.

UbiOps EU Cloud

Our secure, fully EU based SaaS solution. Contact us and get started right away.

UbiOps Private Cloud

Securely hosted for you in a single-tenant environment at a provider and region of your choice.

UbiOps On-Premise

Custom installation on your own hardware. Tailored to your needs.In collaboration with Open Telekom Cloud we provide an offering that ensures that your data remains in the EU region for AI & ML workloads. Use the UbiOps platform as a service without setting up the IT environment. Data science operations can scale seamlessly and in a predictable, cost-effective way

SaaS, On-prem or Hybrid

UbiOps can be used and installed in different ways, depending on the needs of your organization

ISO27001 certified

UbiOps meets the ISO27001 requirements. Information security is one of our top priorities.

Run on our EU-based cluster

UbiOps offers EU-based data processing for all your AI & Machine Learning (ML) models. Reach out to us to learn more.

With UbiOps, you can run models on multi-node GPU and CPU clusters and scale to and from zero for efficient resource usage. Save costs and scale your application automatically.