Webinar: Solving Vision AI scaling challenges with UbiOps and Ellogon.AI

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Let's explore the key AI/MLOps scaling challenges CV poses for MedTech and how Ellogon.AI solved them with UbiOps!

Thank you for joining us at our recent ‘Solving Vision AI scaling challenges’ online event on Wednesday, January 17, 2024, at 16:00 CET. Our webinar delved deep into the transformative role of Medical Technology (MedTech) in healthcare, primarily driven by advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI). At the forefront of this revolution is Ellogon.AI, a MedTech startup enhancing cancer immunotherapy patient selection through AI. The webinar, led by Yvan Fafchamps in conversation with Leonardo Romor from Ellogon, explored the critical role of AI and Computer Vision (CV) in precision medicine.

For those who missed the webinar or wish to revisit the insightful discussions, we invite you to access the full recording: <video>.

Key discussion points:

  • The Impact of AI in MedTech: How AI and CV technologies are revolutionizing healthcare and life sciences.
  • Scaling AI Solutions with UbiOps: Understanding how Ellogon.AI leverages UbiOps’ AI deployment and management platform to scale their innovative CV solution and enhance patient outcomes.
  • Overcoming AI/MLOps Challenges: An exploration into the scaling challenges posed by CV in MedTech and Ellogon.AI’s strategies to address them.
  • Efficient Model Deployment: Insights into efficient strategies for deploying AI models in real-world healthcare settings.
  • Accelerating Healthcare AI Impact: Learn about Ellogon’s journey in reducing the time-to-impact for healthcare AI innovations.


About the Speakers:

  • Leonardo Romor (AI Software Engineer at Ellogon): Leonardo’s expertise lies in building architectures for successful AI algorithm deployment in hospitals. His primary focus is on addressing scaling challenges for real-world model implementation.
  • Yvan Fafchamps (Content Manager at UbiOps): With a background in tech and business operations, Yvan contributes his multifaceted expertise to present the role of UbiOps solution for the AI-driven processes. 

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