New UbiOps features – June 2021

On June 3, 2021 we have released new functionality and made improvements to our UbiOps SaaS. Here is an overview of all new functionality and changes in UbiOps:

✔️ Store & query request data

It is now possible to store all your requests (batch and direct) in UbiOps. It is configurable on deployment version level if and how you want to store requests. There are three options: no storage, only storage of metadata, or storage of the full request data. The ability to store all your made requests can help to inspect interesting or failed requests and for evaluating the performance of your models. In addition, we have increased the maximum input and output size from 8 MB to 64 MB.

✔️ R client library

Last release we already introduced R support, and now we also have an R client library to support you even further. The R client library works very similar to the python one and you can find all the information about it here:

✔️ New monitoring page in the WebApp

To help you in monitoring your deployments and pipelines we have created a monitoring page in the UI. In this page you can check the aggregated metrics of your entire project, of deployments and of pipelines. You can also use the monitoring page to compare the metrics of different deployment or pipeline versions.

Release notes

Want to learn more? The full release notes can be found in our docs.

UbiOps Monthly: Webinar

In UbiOps Monthly webinar, our Product Owner shows you in under 30 minutes what changes we have made to the platform in the last weeks. Follow along, or just sit back and listen to what’s new and how it works! It’s open for anyone, so add it to your calendar and we’ll see you on Thursday (10th of June at 13pm CET)!


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