New UbiOps features December 2021

UbiOps version 2.13.0

On the 2nd of December 2021 we have released new functionality and made improvements to the UbiOps SaaS product. An overview of the new functionality and changes:

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✔️ Request notifications

You can now receive a notification when a batch request is done. This can be convenient for requests that take a long time to complete. The notification can be sent to one or multiple e-mail addresses. Configuring these e-mail addresses is now done using notification groups, allowing you to easily reuse sets of e-mail addresses for notifications or monitoring. Request notifications can be enabled when creating a request or on a request that is already queued or in progress.


✔️ GPUs – On demand

One of our most requested features is now coming to UbiOps: GPUs. Deployment instances with a GPU can be created to make use of the massive parallel processing performance that GPUs provide. GPUs are only available on request. Please contact-us  if you would like to start using or try out GPUs on UbiOps.


✔️ Conda – Private beta

In addition to Pip, UbiOps now supports Conda as a package and environment manager for Python. Conda is available as a beta feature, accessible on request and only available for Python 3.8. Please contact-us if you would like to start using or test Conda on UbiOps.


✔️ Miscellaneous

  • Support for Python 3.9 is now available.
  • When importing to UbiOps, in addition to uploading an export file it is now also possible to pass an HTTP link to the import file. UbiOps will then download the file and import it as usual.


  • Request schedules now support tags and descriptions.
  • A deployment template is generated for you when defining a new deployment in the WebApp.


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