New UbiOps features April 2024 

On the 9th of April 2024 we have released new functionality and made improvements to our UbiOps SaaS product. An overview of the changes is given below.

Python client library version for this release: 4.4.0
CLI version for this release: 3.4.0

✔️ Port forwarding (beta)

If you want to run processes in a deployment that open up a port, you can use our new port forwarding functionality to be able to access this port. In the advanced settings of a deployment version you can specify which deployment port should be opened up to which public port.

Port forwarding can be used to run processes like Jupyter Notebook and Streamlit directly on a UbiOps instance, or to establish an SSH connection to a running deployment for extra debugging options. Have a look at these how-to’s for examples:

    Do note that this functionality is still in beta and not accessible to everyone by default. Contact support to try it out!

    ✔️ Pipeline improvements

    We made some improvements to our pipeline service, mainly optimizations under the hood.

    We also adjusted the “create subrequests” operator to by default calculate the optimal batch size for you to make the most out of your resources. This means it’s no longer necessary to determine the batch size of subrequests yourselves. You can still override it if you want to.

    ✔️ Miscellaneous

    We also made some miscellaneous changes and improvements:

        • We improved the handling of large file uploads when working with the UbiOps Python client library.
        • We dropped support for Python 3.6 entirely (it was already deprecated in 2.19.0). Any existing Python 3.6 deployments will no longer work, until they are upgraded to a more recent Python version.

        • We deprecated Python 3.7 support. Existing deployments running on Python 3.7 will continue to function, but it will no longer be possible to create new ones with Python 3.7.
        • We improved the metrics visualization in the WebApp. It’s now possible to switch between bar and line charts for individual graphs.

      Do you need more information? Head over to our documentation, or schedule a call with us. 

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