Ekco and UbiOps partner for Machine Learning on Private Cloud service


UbiOps – a serving & operations platform for data science applications, and Ekco – a leading cloud services provider, are delighted to announce a strategic partnership to deliver UbiOps on a Private Cloud service. Powered by Ekco, the service will make it simple to deliver data science projects outside of the Public Cloud. This will enable companies to:


  • Ensuring data remains in-country or in-region for (big) data workloads
  • Use the UbiOps platform as a service without building the data centre environment
  • Scale data science operations seamlessly and in a predictable, cost-effective way


The power of UbiOps on the Ekco Cloud


UbiOps on the Ekco Private Cloud enables industries working with sensitive data, such as finance and energy, to deliver data science projects while complying with data residency laws.

As a fully managed service, organisations don’t have to maintain, update or patch the infrastructure and can simply consume UbiOps as an on-demand, scalable service. Supported by Ekco’s team of local experts, organisations get control and close care similar to an on-premise environment without ever having to think about the infrastructure.

Jeroen Van Den Nouwland, CRO at Ekco, says “This partnership opens up machine learning to a range of traditional industries across Europe, where the Public Cloud just isn’t viable, but the need to deliver innovative, cloud-native tools like UbiOps is growing. Companies working with UbiOps need to focus on actioning their data rather than worrying about the infrastructure. That’s the part we take care of at Ekco.”  

Yannick Maltha, CEO and Founder at UbiOps, says “We are experiencing an explosive growth of Public Cloud adoption. Still, some customers prefer to keep their data close to their own premises for various reasons. With this partnership, we can enable customers that prefer a managed Private Cloud instead of a Public Cloud. Together with Ekco, we can facilitate them to run data science and machine learning models using UbiOps on sensitive data in a protected environment.” 


About Ekco

Ekco is an innovator in cloud solutions helping drive productivity and scalability. We empower customers and partners to focus on their core business by ensuring their systems and data are secure, accessible and available, no matter what.


Ekco is built on integrity and over twenty years of expertise in data management. Our personal approach offers customers a true partnership. Like an extended arm to your business, our local team of engineers assist you through the initial onboarding process and are on hand when you need us.


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