Is this video or picture real, or fake? Time for a deepfake detection

Get to know whether your video or photo is a deep fake, with UbiOps and DDG


Get to know whether your video or photo is a deep fake, powered by UbiOps and DuckDuckGoose.


We are happy to announce that DuckDuckGoose chooses to work with UbiOps for their deep fake detection software called “DeepDetector”. It not only detects deep fakes but also explains its actions. DuckDuckGoose chooses to work with UbiOps to build, maintain and host their image-processing application. They use a deep learning algorithm that must process large files quickly but at a low cost. Moreover, the pipelines must be modular, reproducible, scalable and quick to get started with. UbiOps enables them to do so, without requiring DevOps skills.


”By collaborating with UbiOps we can efficiently serve our machine learning models on their platform. Their platform allows us to reach a larger audience in a very efficient way. Their professional support and easy and intuitive scaling helped us in deploying our codes, giving us more time to focus on the important problem of deepfake detection”Joris Mollinga –  Co-founder at DuckDuckGoose


How dangerous are deep fakes?


Recent news by Arjen Lubach shows the importance of recognizing deep fake images and videos. Not only in The Netherlands this is a growing concern, also internationally. As the makers from South Park showed in this video, by letting Donald Trump, Mark Zuckenberg, and others say things that they never really said.

You, me, we can all create deep fakes quite easily. One search on Google gives us multiple pages, where after a few clicks you can create your own deep fake pictures and videos. A device that is capable of enabling deep fakes, might be the perfect weapon for those willing to influence everything from stock prices to national elections. Therefore, an application like DeepDetector is even more relevant to fight such crime.


”We’ve come to an age where we can’t afford ourselves to just blindly trust our senses. Seeing is no longer believing. We need to realize that all videos and images you see digitally are susceptible to being manipulated. If we do not succeed in distinguishing fake from facts, our society will divide into different realities. We need tools like the DeepDetector to make sure we believe what we see online.”Max Tuynman –  Co-founder at DuckDuckGoose


We are happy to collaborate!


We are very happy to enable DuckDuckGoose and their customers to fight the potential negative effects of AI. While AI can do much good, there is a negative side too. While we are working on solutions to enable responsible AI, such as explainability methods and ML auditing, a client like DuckDuckGoose is perfectly in line with our goals and ambitions, 

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