Building and deploying data science and AI applications in the Dutch mobility space, powered by Siemens Mobility and UbiOps

We are proud to announce a new collaboration between Siemens Mobility in the Netherlands and UbiOps.

Siemens Mobility, offering intelligent mobility applications within the urban, interurban and freight transportation, chooses UbiOps as a new technology partner to deploy, manage and govern data science and machine learning models at scale. Siemens Mobility and UbiOps partner to speed up the development of data science applications for rolling stock and mobility infrastructure.

Siemens Mobility, with a long track record in the mobility industry helps their customers to become data-driven by delivering IoT-sensors, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions and data science applications. UbiOps is a platform specialised in the operationalisation of data science models once the data is in place and the first prototype model is developed.

The two organisations see much potential and synergy by helping other companies to accelerate their digital journey by facilitating the development and operationalisation of their data-driven models.

We are proud to announce that UbiOps is our new partner. UbiOps helps our data science teams to easily deploy data science models at scale without the need for in-depth IT knowledge. Moreover, the platform allows our customers and their data scientists to deploy their own data science solutions on UbiOps. We think this collaboration will foster the creation, sharing and operationalisation of data science solutions between organisations in the Dutch mobility sector.

Emilio Tuinenburg
Digital Transformation Officer at Siemens Mobility in the Netherlands

In this era of rapid digitalization we cannot do everything ourselves, we need partners to create the data-driven innovations of tomorrow. That even applies to great technology companies like Siemens. We are happy that Siemens creates the opportunity for a young and dynamic company like UbiOps to team up on data science innovations.

Yannick Maltha
Co-founder and CEO at UbiOps

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