Community models: Number multiplication

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This is a simple model that multiplies the given number by 2. You can use any integer as an input.

You can also deploy and run it on UbiOps yourself: enter any number as your input and click ”run code” to get your number multiplied by 2.To deploy this example model to your own UbiOps environment you can log in to the WebApp and create a new deployment in the deployment tab. You will be prompted to fill in certain parameters, you can use the following docs page as a tutorial:

To illustrate the basic working of the required by UbiOps we have created a sample deployment that multiplies a given number by 2. You can download the deployment package as a zip (ready to be used) here.Created: 20-11-2021

Last modified: 16-12-2021

Publisher: UbiOps

This is a model that multiplies a given number by 2.


Import this model in your UbiOps project

Do you want to run this model yourself? Follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your UbiOps account,
  2. Go to Imports & Exports
  3. Click “Create Import” and select the Import from link tab
  4. Copy & Paste the URL below and click “Next”

This model is intended for demonstration and testing purposes only. UbiOps is not liable for any damages arising from the use or inability to use any of the models and applications listed on the UbiOps Community Model pages. Even though UbiOps and our partners carefully created and optimized these models, it is always advised to benchmark and check the respective functionality before applying it in any production setting.