Collaboration Devence (by Deloitte) and UbiOps on data privacy, data security and scalability

By 23 March 2021Blog, Collaborations
Collaboration Devence (by Deloitte) and UbiOps on data privacy, data security and scalability


We proudly announce our collaboration with Devence (by Deloitte) to help UbiOps improve on data privacy and (cyber)security measures to realize our growth ambitions.

With a growing customer base, UbiOps wants to assess and challenge its information security, scalability, and data privacy measures by a team of specialists from Deloitte. With the ambition to further expand within Europe and beyond, it is important for UbiOps to build an infrastructure that minimizes risks related to data privacy and data security.

Yannick, CEO of UbiOps explains: “As UbiOps we want to become the backbone for running data science code in Europe. Although we don’t store customer data, we want to facilitate our customers that process sensitive data in the best way possible with state-of-the-art technology and security measures. We want our users to be in the best hands and have 100% trust in us. Devence by Deloitte helps us to achieve this.”

Devence by Deloitte provides deep dive assessments to fast growing tech-companies like UbiOps on topics that are often overlooked but crucial to sustain and grow in a responsible way. These topics include data privacy, data security, data quality, digital ethics, regulatory compliance and digital controllership.


We will help UbiOps building a responsible business to sustain and grow and be ready for their next move. We do this by identifying where UbiOps can even further improve their roadmap and establish strong points for the future.

Eva den HartogCo-founder at Devence by Deloitte

The team of Devence that is going to support UbiOps in the coming year exists of a team of professionals with various backgrounds on Risk Advisory, Cyber Security and Privacy Services from Deloitte.