Are you running an AI start-up and want to serve, host and manage your complete pipeline in a cost-effective way?


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We joined the start-up program to deploy our product to a production environment in a scalable but cost-effective manner. UbiOps works like a charm and is a joy to work with for any data scientist.

Joris MollingaFounder at DuckDuckGoose

Enjoy the power of UbiOps at a start-up-friendly Pay-as-you-grow plan!

Start with UbiOps if...
  • You are active in the field of machine learning, data science or AI.
  • Your mission is to create and deploy data science models.
  • Your model can no longer run locally but must run and scale in a Cloud/data center or your model needs to be available all the time for requests.

Start today & turn your code into live applications!

Hosted by us. For individuals and teams. Pay for the users and compute you need.

Which packages can I use?

UbiOps SaaS is available in two plans:

  • Free. All features. No duration limit. Enough compute to get you started.
  • Pay-as-you-grow. Pay for the compute you need. And no more.

Don’t worry. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Optional: want to add more users or need more compute credits? Or extended support? Have a look at

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