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UbiOps Cloud

For data science teams - big or small - who want to run, scale and manage their AI/ML inference and training workloads.
Easy to use, scale on demand.
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  • Start right away
  • On-demand and pay-per-use computing
  • For inference and training jobs, on CPU and GPU
  • Bring your own cluster / credits
  • Model and pipeline versioning 
  • Create advanced pipelines with conditional logic
  • Monitoring and logging of models / pipelines
  • Job schedules
  • Manage projects and teams with roles & permissions
  • Dedicated Product Specialist 
  • Onboarding / training / consulting 
  • Business hours support, 24/7 support option
  • Phone, Slack, email, web help desk
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UbiOps Enterprise

Custom plans for enterprises. Maximum flexibility where to run: Multi / Hybrid / Private cloud and local. Security by design (UbiOps is ISO certified).

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  • All features from the UbiOps Cloud package
  • Security by design (ISO27001 certified)
  • Maximum flexibility where to run: Multi/Hybrid/Private cloud and local
  • Compute location selection
  • Single sign-on integration 
  • Dedicated Customer Success manager
  • Dedicated Solution Architect
  • Tailored advice on: cost optimization, cloud selection, integrations, tooling and architecture
  • 24/7 support with extended SLA
  • Phone, Slack, email support
  • Web help desk
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Start-up, Academic, Volume & Committed use discounts available.

Installation options


Hosted on a multi-tenant multi-cloud infrastructure, fully managed by us.

We pay the cloud bill.

  • Start right away
  • On-demand and pay-per-use computing credits
  • Fully managed by us 
  • Select in which clouds to run
  • High cost-effectiveness potential
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UbiOps Cloud & Bring your own cluster

Attach your own Cluster to UbiOps Cloud, fully managed by us.

You pay the cloud bill.

  • Fully managed by us
  • Bring your own (free) credits
  • Get all benefits from UbiOps cloud
  • Keep data and compute in your environment
  • Quick to set up
  • Option to scale out to UbiOps cloud
UbiOps your own cluster

UbiOps On-Premise

Installed and (self)managed on (y)our own servers in the cloud or local infrastructure of choice.

You or we pay the cloud bill.

  • Full control: Keep data, metadata, models and compute in your own environment
  • Flexibility to manage or self manage
  • Option to scale out to other environments  (local/hybrid /multi-cloud)
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