UbiOps Joins NVIDIA Inception Program as Premier Partner

NVIDIA Inception Program

In 2021 UbiOps joined NVIDIA Inception – a virtual accelerator program designed to help companies evolve even faster through access to cutting-edge technology provided by NVIDIA.

As a step forward, on January the 4th (2023), UbiOps was selected as one of the program’s Premier Partners, an exclusive group developed within NVIDIA Inception’s global network of thousands of startups.

UbiOps is a ModelOps platform that enables data science and AI teams to run, manage and scale AI and machine learning workloads on both GPUs and CPUs. From training to inferencing jobs. UbiOps helps AI researchers and data specialists to very quickly turn their data science workloads into robust and secure microservices. This without requiring knowledge to set up Cloud infrastructure and DevOps practices.

As a Premier Partner of NVIDIA Inception, the team at UbiOps will collaborate closely with NVIDIA to connect with new partners and customers, develop new marketing and communication strategies, and gain insights on the latest technology breakthroughs.

The program will also offer UbiOps the opportunity to engage with the latest software developments from NVIDIA to accelerate customers in their AI, ML and MLOps efforts.

“This recognition shows that NVIDIA is aware of the importance of MLOps for AI and ML teams. As a Premier Partner of NVIDIA Inception I’m looking forward to strengthening our combined efforts in helping teams to make it easy and cost-effective to run and manage AI workloads at scale.”                                

   Yannick Maltha, Co-founder and CEO of UbiOps.

“We’re excited to be recognized as a NVIDIA Premier Partner. With NVIDIA technology we can keep pushing the boundaries for running AI at scale and help our users build and ship the next generation of AI applications.”

Victor Pereboom, Co-founder and CTO of UbiOps

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