One place to deploy, manage and monitor your algorithms, scripts and pipelines.

UbiOps enables you to very quickly turn algorithms into scalable, robust and secure end-to-end applications. Without requiring knowledge to set up cloud infrastructure, micro-services, automated scaling or DevOps practices.

Transparency & Control
Manage and keep track.

Whether you work alone or in a team, UbiOps makes it easy to keep the overview of all your algorithms, functions and scripts in one place. UbiOps offers version control, easy rollbacks and Git synchronization. With UbiOps’s logging and monitoring you can stay on top of what runs and how it performs.

Unlimited processing power at your fingertips.

UbiOps’s auto scaling functionality ensures efficient usage of resources, fast compute times and high data throughput.

Get control
with UI, Client Library or CLI.

UbiOps’s User Interface, Client Library and CLI will help you manage everything. Deploy models, create data flows and pipelines, show metrics, view logs and much more.

Client Library – Github

Be independent
Have full flexibility.

You are in charge of your code, and its dependencies. UbiOps makes sure that it runs.
Have full flexibility to work with the tooling and libraries that you want. UbiOps allows you to control what resources your model uses and how it should scale.

You can use UbiOps as a SaaS solution or run in any cloud or On Premises environment.

Try it for Free

We have your back.

With UbiOps we make deployment easy. But sometimes you might need some extra help. Therefore, we help you deploying your first own model. Provide you training when you need it and answer any question you have. And when your code is running, we make sure it stays that way, together.

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Get to know UbiOps!

Within 30 minutes one of our UbiOps experts walks you through the solution and answers any questions you have.