What is the Cookbook?

We have released the UbiOps cookbook to provide (new) users with inspiration on how to work with UbiOps. The cookbook is filled with ready-to-go examples and tutorials, ranging from full use cases to smaller integration examples. Do you for instance want to know how to deploy a Tensorflow model, integrate with Azure Data FactoryFunctions or get the most out of the blob functionality in UbiOps? The Cookbook is here to help!  The cookbook can be found on our public github repository or in the documentation under the tab “cookbook”. The entries all include a Jupyter Notebook that deploys the Cookbook solution for you on UbiOps upon running. Because it is a notebook you can see how everything works In the following months we will continue to add more and more to the cookbook.  


At UbiOps, we believe that every data scientist should be able to focus on what he or she does best: Data Science. Therefore we wanted to offer our users templates and ready to use examples to speed up their workflow. With only a (free) UbiOps account you can use the cookbook to have example applications running in your own environment in minutes.    We also know that every data science project makes use of a variety of tools and that your stack does not end with UbiOps. We want to provide our users with flexibility in their stack and that is why we also added integration examples to the cookbook. Right now we offer examples on how to integrate with GCP functions, or with Azure Data Factory for instance. Many more integration examples are on the backlog and will be released to the cookbook in the future!  


The cookbook is published on our documentation page and on our public github repository. Most of the recipes are centered around Jupyter Notebooks. With running the notebooks the example will be automatically deployed to your UbiOps environment using the client library The integration examples are centered around a tutorial that walks you through the different steps needed to integrate UbiOps with the other tool.   
We are currently working hard to expand the cookbook and are eager to hear your thoughts. If you have suggestions for what you would like to see in the cookbook, please let us know.