Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about UbiOps? Here are the frequently asked questions.


Does UbiOps offer a special package for students?

Yes, UbiOps does! UbiOps is free for students for educational purposes for an unlimited amount of time. Students can benefit from an unlimited amount of projects and deployments. With UbiOps students can work together easily. The pipeline functionality easily connects different codes. Lastly, UbiOps is usable with more users. You can work on the same project with your group members! How to set up the student plan? 1. Create a UbiOps account on the website with your academic email address. 2. To update it to an academic account, please send an email to [email protected] from you academic email address. If you are willing to work together with other students on a project, please mention this. You will be added to one organization.

Is UbiOps suitable for training data science models?

We do not offer specific training functionality. UbiOps focuses on deployment, orchestration and monitoring. However, thanks to the flexibility of UbiOps, you can easily deploy code which takes care of training your model and create a training pipeline using our pipeline functionality.

Which features can I use within UbiOps Free?

UbiOps Free gives you access to all UbiOps’s features. You can create up to 5 deployment versions, max. 1 user and 1 project. You will also get 100 GBhr compute per month.

Why is UbiOps different from any other Data Science Platform?

UbiOps is specifically developed to bring models, pipelines, functions and scripts into operation as simple and intuitive as possible in a single environment. UbiOps focuses on the deployment, serving, orchestration and monitoring of your code while giving you the flexibility of using your own tooling for development. Now you can start creating reliable and robust solutions without thinking about servers, scaling, monitoring and other DevOps related tasks. Next, UbiOps provides you the tools and best practices to manage and monitor your models during their lifecycle.


Does UbiOps store my data?

UbiOps only stores and processes your data for handling requests to your models. Data passed to UbiOps is deleted afterwards when the request is finished. We only store the logs of your models and scripts that you run so you can retrieve it from the log explorer or through the API.

Is UbiOps safe?

In case of the SaaS offering, UbiOps comes with the highest security standards. Both your data and models are encrypted at rest. You can opt two-factor-authentication. Your data traffic is encrypted with TLS. When used on-prem or in a VPC, the security is dependent on you.

Where are my models and scripts running?

UbiOps SaaS is hosted on Google Cloud, region europe-west4 (NL). If you choose UbiOps On Premises, you can use your own preferred Cloud provider or local server.


Can I try UbiOps for free?

Yes, you can try UbiOps for free. Register yourself and your company via the Try it for Free button on the Homepage and start exploring UbiOps. See the Tutorials and Documentation page for how to get started.

How can I interact with UbiOps?

UbiOps comes with an intuitive User Interface (UI), API and Command-line interface (CLI) from which you can access all functionality. We also offer a Client Libraries to integrate UbiOps API methods within your own programs and scripts.

How does UbiOps handle updates?

We will keep adding new functionality to UbiOps in periodic releases. You can find release notes on our website, or by subscribing to our newsletter here. In case of any downtime or compatibility issues with current or older versions, we will always notify you beforehand in detail. If you use UbiOps On Premise, we allow support for updating to the latest releases. But we do not force any updates, you’re in control.

Is the technology behind UbiOps applicable for small or large organisations?

UbiOps serves both groups. Whether you want to run 1 or 1000 jobs in parallel, the auto scaling feature of UbiOps makes sure that you can scale whenever you need, and only pay for what you use.

What if I want to know first more about UbiOps?

You can schedule a 30-minute demo with a UbiOps expert by clicking the Book a Demo button on the top right on the Homepage. Our colleagues will answer your questions and provide you a customised demo based upon your needs.


How long can I use UbiOps Free?

You can use UbiOps Free as long as you want. Once you have reached your limit of deployments you can upgrade to a paid Plan.

Who I should contact in case of any problems?

Our support team is here for you. You can contact us through our Contact page or through our service desk if you are making use of one of the paid Plans. Also, please check our Documentation page.