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Age estimation with a Mendix front end

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This deployment is made for running a neural network model developed with ONNX. Be aware that the model weight file is not included and needs to be downloaded separately before uploading this deployment package to UbiOps. See the download link below.

This deployment is part of an article: Building a low code app powered by AI

Please read the article for more information on how this model was used in practice in the background of a low-code Mendix app.

Download link for deployment package: onnx-deployment.

Download link for model files:

Add these model files to the deployment package before uploading.

Running the example in UbiOps

Please take a look at the article for more information: Building a low code app powered by AI

Deployment configuration
Name age-estimator
Description A model for estimating age
Input field: name = photo, datatype = string (base64 encoded)
Output field: name = age, datatype = int
Version name v1
Description leave blank
Environment Python 3.11