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Run Local

ubiops run_local

Command: ubiops run_local


Run a deployment locally and call its request function.

Use -dir to specify the deployment directory where the is.

Input data can be provided to the deployment in two ways: - Use --json_file to use input data from a JSON file. - Use --data to provide input data directly. The input data must be a valid JSON string.

If the input data is plain, pass the --plain option. The input data will be sent as a string as it is provided.

Multiple data inputs can be specified at once and sent as batch by using the '--data' options multiple times: ubiops run_local -dir /path/to/deployment --data <input-1> --data <input-2> --data <input-3>

For structured input, specify each data input as JSON formatted string. For example: ubiops run_local -dir /path/to/deployment --data "{\"param1\": 1, \"param2\": \"two\"}"

Arguments: -


  • [required] -dir/--directory
    Path to a directory that contains at least a ''

  • --data
    The input data of the request
    This option can be provided multiple times in a single command

  • -f/--json_file
    Path to json file containing the input data of the request

  • --plain
    Set the input data as plain text