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UbiOps version 2.18.0

Client library version

Python client library version for this release: 3.11.0
CLI version for this release: 2.11.0

On the 4th of August 2022 we have released new functionality and made improvements to our UbiOps SaaS product. We completely revamped the pipeline editor in the UbiOps WebApp. An overview of the new functionality and changes:

Bigger pipeline editing canvas

The canvas we used to have was very small, and with your pipelines getting bigger over time we felt we needed to provide you with more space. Therefore we introduced a proper editing mode with a full screen canvas.

Drag and drop functionality for creating connections

You asked and we listened. We added the option to create pipeline connections via drag and drop to speed up your pipeline creation process.

Real time validation of your pipeline

To help prevent bugs and errors in your pipeline, we added continuous validation. Every time you change something to your pipeline you will see an overview of any warnings or errors that might arise due to your changes.

Edit mode

We know that when you're in the process of editing, your pipeline might temporarily be in an erroneous state. To avoid downtime when updating your pipeline, we added a proper edit mode. In edit mode you can make all the edits you wish, and save them all at once. This way you can make sure that your pipeline version is only updated when you have made all the necessary edits.

Random IP addresses for deployments

Deployments now use a random IP address whenever they access the internet, as opposed to a static one. We changed this because it improves the speed of the deployment. However, if your deployment requires a static IP address, for instance for whitelisting, then there is still a toggle on the deployment version that can enable static IPs.

Pipeline object and attachment endpoints

We removed the individual pipeline object and attachment endpoints in the UbiOps API to manage a pipeline version. Instead, you should use the pipeline version create and update endpoints to manage objects and attachments in your pipeline. If you are using the UbiOps WebApp or CLI for managing pipelines, you don't need to make any changes. If you are using the client libraries instead, please make sure you are using the pipeline version create and update methods.