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UbiOps version 2.12.0

Client library version

Python client library version for this release: 3.5.0
CLI version for this release: 2.5.0

On the 28th of October 2021 we have released new functionality and made improvements to our UbiOps SaaS product. An overview of the new functionality and changes:

Import and export

Deployments, pipelines and environment variables can now be imported and exported. This is useful when you want to share your deployments and pipelines, want to copy them to another project, or when you want to make a back-up.

An export is a zip file that contains all information about the objects that you want to include, from the deployment code to pipelines and configuration settings. These export files can then be imported by uploading the zip again to restore them to your project.

External request page - Beta

We have published a beta tool for accessing deployments and pipelines without a UbiOps account. Users can enter the deployment or pipeline details themselves or be given a link that already contains those. Then, when also provided with an API token, they can make requests without logging in to UbiOps.

This is for example useful if you want to provide external users with request access to your deployments or pipelines, without making an interface yourself or giving them access to your UbiOps project.

You can find the tool at As always, feedback and improvement suggestions are more than welcome.

Subscription self-service

We have enabled subscription self-service for all free/pay-as-you-grow customers, meaning that you can change your subscription from the WebApp without contacting our sales team.

You can upgrade or downgrade your paid subscription at any time. For example when changing from free to pay-as-you-grow, or by adding or removing extra users or monthly compute credits. Enterprise packages will not be possible to manage via subscription self-service.

Read more about our subscriptions and pricing on

Custom error messages

Normally, UbiOps will throw the default error message Something went wrong during the request, see logs for details. when something goes wrong during a request. We added the option to override the default error message with a custom one.


  • A number of upgrades under the hood to allow UbiOps to continue to grow.
  • UbiOps migrated to the latest generation CPUs, providing up to 25% additional performance. All deployments automatically make use of this, no action from customers is required.