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UbiOps offers the ability to monitor the requests that are made to your deployments and pipelines. At this moment notifications can be enabled for failed and completed requests.

Creating notification groups

To enable notifications, create a notification group that contains one or more email addresses. Go to the Monitoring page in the WebApp and navigate to the Notification groups tab.


Notifications will be sent to all email addresses in a group. The email addresses do not need to be linked to a UbiOps account.

The created notification group can then be set as default notification method for deployment or pipeline versions. This means that when a request completes (regardless whether it has failed or succeeded) the notification group will be notified. It's also possible to link a notification group to an (ongoing) request. An e-mail will be sent when the request has finished.

Lastly, the notification group can be set on any deployment or pipeline version to be notified when the request has failed.

Notification frequency

The notification frequency is limited to 10 notifications per 5 minutes per deployment or pipeline version and notification group. Any subsequent notifications in the 5-minute window are not sent. Notifications will resume in the next 5-minute time frame (for example, :00, :05, :10).

Completed requests

To get a notification when a request is completed, configure the default_notification_group field of a deployment or a pipeline version by selecting one of the existing notification groups in the deployment or pipeline version details page. With this setting, a notification will be sent for all requests sent to the specified deployment or pipeline version.

It is also possible to get a notification for only a specific request by specifying the notification group when creating the request. For pending or processing requests, a notification group can still be added to get a notification when the request finishes.

Failed requests

To get a notification when a request fails, configure the Notifications section in the advanced section of the edit page of a deployment/pipeline version.
This section can be reached by clicking on the Edit button in the deployment/pipeline version page or by clicking the pencil icon next to the Notifications Groups field in the General tab of a deployment/pipeline version page.

When a request to the same object succeeds after a failed request, the notification group will be notified again by means of a recovery notification.