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Audit events

UbiOps offers a way to track the activity in your project through Audit events.


Activity regarding your projects, deployments, pipelines and other functionality can be inspected in the WebApp. See the Type of Audit events section below for a specification of the Audit events that are stored.

Retrieving Audit events

Audit events can be retrieved on project, deployment or pipeline level. In the WebApp, navigate to Audit events in the sidebar.

Audit events

For each Audit event, UbiOps stores the description and date of the event, the user that generated it, the object it applies to and the type of action.

The action can be either create, delete, update or info. The info action is used whenever one of the default actions (create, delete, update) does not apply, as is the case with up- or downloading a version's deployment file.

The event description contains detailed information on what changes were made to the object. An event description for an updated pipeline-object, could look like this: "Updated pipeline object 'deployment-object' for pipeline 'pipeline-1': name changed from 'deployment-1' to 'deployment-object'"

The event description always contains the action (update) for the object (pipeline-1) and, if applicable, the old and new values ("name changed from 'deployment-1' to 'deployment-object'"). However, it's not always appropriate to have the old and new values in the description. For this reason, UbiOps omits the previous and updated values from the event description for values of environment variables, labels and descriptions, tokens of service users and request_data of request schedules.

When the object of an audit event is deleted, the Audit event itself will remain, but the 'Object name' field will be empty.

Type of Audit events

The following Audit events are stored:

  • Project creation / update / deletion
  • Project Environment variable creation / update / deletion
  • Deployment creation / update / deletion
  • Deployment Environment variable creation / update / deletion
  • Version creation / update / deletion
  • Version Environment variable creation / update / deletion
  • Version file upload / download
  • Pipeline creation / update / deletion
  • Pipeline object creation / update / deletion
  • Pipeline attachment creation / deletion
  • Request schedule creation / update / deletion
  • Service user creation / update / deletion

Creation of direct and batch requests are not stored as Audit events, as are file up- and downloads.