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Introduction to Monitoring

UbiOps has the following features to monitor your models.

Audit events

UbiOps provides four ways in which you can check your activities. The Audit events shows your activity on project level. Here you can get information about the deployments and pipelines in your currently selected project. For deployments, you can get information about when you created a deployment, updated it by uploading a new file for a specific version or deleted a deployment (version). You get the same information for pipelines.

Note: The creation of direct and batch requests are not stored as an Audit event, as are file up- and downloads.



All the logs that are created by deployments and pipelines can be found in the Logging. You can find specific logs for deployments and pipelines by clicking their LOGS button.


Metrics & request overview

Metrics and Requests can be found under Monitoring in the left navigation panel. This will show an overview of project level metrics and requests. It is possible to filter metrics on date, or on properties like deployment_name.



You can enable Notifications by configuring one or more email addresses on a deployment or pipeline version. The notification will inform you about the requests that are made to your deployment and pipelines.