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Static IP addresses

UbiOps deployments get assigned random public IP addresses by default. This means that the IP address that is used to access the public internet from the deployment can be different for every request.

You can change this behaviour by configuring static IP addresses for deployments. When this option is enabled, the deployment is guaranteed to access the internet using an IP address from a predetermined set of IP addresses (see below).

This feature is useful if you want your deployment to access an API, database or other service where access is limited to certain IP addresses.

Minimum memory allocation for static IP addresses

Static IP addresses can only be enabled on deployments that are configured with at least 512 MB of memory.

Current static IP addresses in use

The following IP addresses are currently in use on UbiOps SaaS:


This list can change in the future. We will provide a one-week notice for changes to allow you to update firewalls or other configuration.

At the moment only static IPv4 addresses are available, IPv6 is not supported.