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Usage limits (SaaS)

The following imposed limits apply to the UbiOps SaaS service.

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Please contact sales if any of these limits are a problem for your application.

Property Limit
Maximum deployment file upload size 2 GiB
Deployment structured or plain input / output size 1 64 MiB
Maximum size of a blob 512 MiB
Maximum time an uploaded blob is available (TTL) 31536000 seconds (1 year)
Maximum duration of a deployment request (direct) 3600 seconds
Maximum duration of a pipeline request (direct) 7200 seconds
Maximum duration of a deployment request (batch) 172800 seconds
Maximum duration of a pipeline request (batch) 172800 seconds
Maximum number of requests in a batch 250 requests
Maximum number of open outbound TCP or UDP connections to the same host and port in a deployment 64 connections
Maximum number of objects in a pipeline 20 objects
Maximum deployment memory allocation 16384 MiB 2
Default log retention limit 3 7 days
Default aggregated memory limit 3 4096 MB

Subscription Limits

More information on what happens after subscription limits are reached can be found under subscription limits.

  1. When processing a list of data items instead of a single item, the input or output size limit applies to all items in the list combined. There is no limit on the number of items in the list, as long as their combined size is below the size limit. 

  2. See Scaling & Resource settings 

  3. These limits are only applicable for free accounts. Contact sales if you need higher limits.