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UbiOps has an extensive API through which all of the platform functionality is available. This includes both administrative functionality (creating projects, user & permission management, etc.) as well as all functionality to create, deploy, and manage both deployments and pipelines.

There are several ways to interact with the UbiOps API:

  • The easiest way to work with UbiOps is through our WebApp (available at for our SaaS solution). Sign up for your (free) account with your email address or Google or Microsoft account.
  • A Python Client Library is available which can be downloaded and installed from our Github.
  • There is a Command Line Interface (CLI) available to interact with UbiOps from the terminal. The CLI is available on our Github. The Readme on Github provides instructions for installation and usage.
  • You can explore all available API methods directly using our Swagger page.
  • It is also possible to integrate your own website or browser based application with the UbiOps API. For this you will need to whitelist Cross-Origin request origins in UbiOps.